Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Regulations

Zoning Ordinances

The City of Knoxville and Knox County have adopted zoning regulations as part of their code of ordinances. These ordinances detail a variety of zoning districts, uses permitted and certain specifications for building and other site improvements.

Subdivision Regulations

Knoxville-Knox County Planning is responsible for regulations governing the subdivision of land in the City of Knoxville and Knox County. These regulations include administrative procedures for plat review and designs standards for improvements in subdivisions.

Design Guidelines

Zoning District-Specific Design Guidelines

Some zoning districts have additional regulations that address specifics of building design and site improvements to ensure developments adhere to certain functional or aesthetic standards.

Approved Design Guidelines

Certain zoning districts require design guideline documents to be developed by the applicant or property owner. These documents are approved by the Planning Commission and administered by Planning staff when construction occurs.