Historic Zoning Commission
Updates for 8-C-20-HZ


Level I. Installation of signage

Blade sign: One double-faced aluminum sign with internal illumination on acrylic push-thru letters. Sign will be shaped like an upside-down "T," at 12'-4" tall, 2'-10" wide on the top massing and 7'-0" wide on the bottom. Sign will be placed on right-most brick pilaster on faҫade and will not obscure any significant architectural details on faҫade. Building sign: Two square 3'-3" by 3'-3" logo signs will feature aluminum finish and a 1/2" push-thru logo with internal illumination. One logo sign will be located towards the top of the brick pilaster on the left side (southeast) elevation, and one logo sign will be located on the right (northwest) elevation towards the rear of the building. Canopy sign: One set of 9" tall aluminum reverse channel letters, with halo lighting, to be installed at bottom of new balcony addition (northwest elevation). Sign will be 7'-9" wide and 9" tall.

Level I

Morton-McCrary Motors Individual H Landmark
Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
Email: lindsay.crockett@knoxplanning.org
Location Knoxville
835 N. Central St. 37917
Baker Jones SignCo Inc.
Axle Logistics

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