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Level 2: Major alteration of an existing building/structure

Renovation of existing parking lots. Existing building at 814 State Street was removed due to extensive damage. Re-design of parking lots to comply with the base zoning ordinance and the Downtown Knoxville Design Guidelines. Proposed parking lot includes 36 parking spots, including two ADA-accessible parking spots. New planting beds are located at each corner of the square-shaped parking lot, with planter islands and new trees located in the center of the lot. Landscape screening extends along the lot's north side (adjoining the building), east side, and south side. A new parking lot entry and section of sidewalk will extend off Main Street on the south side of the parking lot. The proposal includes the planting of seven new trees.

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COMMENTS The new parking lot and landscaping meets the design guidelines. The proposed seven trees, in a lot of 36 parking spots, exceeds the design guideline recommendations of 1 tree per 8 parking spots. While the landscaping does not extend along the State Street side of the parking lot, the lot is set significantly lower than the State Street sidewalk and will not require additional screening. The landscaping meets the City of Knoxville ordinance for Tree Preservation and Parking Lot Perimeter Landscaping. The applicant has already received the necessary variances for slope. APPLICABLE DESIGN GUIDELINES: Downtown Knoxville Design Guidelines SECTION A. PUBLIC REALM E. PARKING FACILITIES 3c. Locate surface parking lots to the side or rear of buildings. No surface parking lots should be created in front of buildings. 3d. Screen surface lots, where they abut a public sidewalk, with decorative walls, fencing, and landscaping. 3e. Distribute shade trees within surface lots at a ratio of 1 tree per 8 parking spaces. Trees may be planted in wells between spaces.

Case Fileposted 9/8/2020
810 State St.
Michael Aktalay / Sanders Pace Architecture
Budy Cruze, State Properties, LLC

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