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6-G-21-HZ | Historic Zoning Commission

Historic Zoning Commission

Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation
Exterior rehabilitation; rear addition

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the condition that 1) new roofing material and final garage door specifications be submitted to staff for approval; and, 2) if any windows require replacement, new windows should match originals in design, size, and material, with specifications submitted to staff for approval.

Applicant Request

Additions; Deck; Masonry repair/painting; Porch; Roofing; Siding; Storm windows or doors; Windows

Full exterior rehabilitation project, along with a garage/deck addition in the rear.

- Non-historic asphalt siding will be removed, original wood siding underneath to be repaired and replaced in patches where necessary.
- Existing windows to be repaired.
- Installation of exterior wood storm windows, to match Adams Architectural Millwork specifications submitted in application.
- Removal of existing asphalt shingle roof and installation of new roof.
- New gutters

Faҫade (northwest elevation): removal of temporary porch supports and installation of new painted wood columns to match originals in size, detail, and placement. Repair to original porch beam and dentil molding. Replacement of skirtboard with new painted wood skirtboard to match original in size and profile. New wrought iron handrail on right side of steps. Concrete steps to remain.

Left side (northeast elevation): removal of "floating" secondary door (no deck or porch access); opening to be enclosed with siding to match original. Removal of basement door; opening to be enclosed with brick to match foundation brick. Gable windows on left (northeast) and right (southwest) side elevations to be increased by 6" to create egress windows; new casement windows to be built to match original style of windows. New wood trim on gable windows to match existing.

Rear (southeast elevation):
- Removal of interior brick masonry chimney on rear roof slope.
- Rear addition (two-story, shed-roof section) is deteriorated and proposed to be removed. New addition to be constructed in the same footprint, with a standing-seam metal shed roof in the same placement as existing. New rear addition will feature wood lap siding, above a brick-clad foundation, separated by a water table trim band. The rear addition will feature two four-light, fixed wood windows (salvaged from original addition if possible) on the left half, followed by one multi-light French door (accessing the new deck) followed by a bay of multi-light wood casement windows.
- Garage/deck addition: a new wood deck above a two-car garage will project from the right half of the rear elevation. The garage (at basement level) will feature two carriage-style garage doors to match submitted specifications facing the rear property line, a brick foundation, and two new wood double-hung windows (52" by 38") on the right side elevation. New basement windows will match design of original basement-level windows. The deck will be partially covered (right half) with a flat roof, supported by 6 by 6 columns with chamfer detail similar to front porch. Deck railing and posts to reflect renderings in application.
- New rear gable window: existing gable field to receive new wood double casement window, with trim, frame, and muntin profiles to match original wood casements on house.

Conditions of approval per 6/17/21 HZC meeting:
1) new roofing material and final garage door specifications be submitted to staff for approval;
2) if any windows require replacement, new windows should match originals in design, size, and material, with specifications submitted to staff for approval;
3) rear deck railing materials to be reviewed by staff, with the vertical configuration as shown in drawings for HZC submittal;
4) upper-level windows to be installed in side gable fields can increase in height by 6" as proposed, with additional space to be reviewed and approved by staff, to not extend disproportionately beneath or damage the wood decorative trim

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage, c. 1900.

One-and-one-half-story residence with a hipped roof with lower gables projecting to front, sides, and rear, clad in asphalt shingles. Exterior is clad in asphalt siding and rests on a brick foundation. Roof features a gable-roof dormer with balustrade, sawn wood bargeboard with spindles on the gable ends, and windows in the gable fields. Partial hipped roof porch supported by square posts, with dentiled wood cornice.

1. 204 E. Scott Ave is a contributing resource to the Old North Knoxville National Register Historic District and local overlay.

2. Many of the proposed scopes of work, including removal of non-historic asphalt siding and repair/replacement in patches to original wood siding, repair to original windows, and roof replacement directly meet the design guidelines and could be issued staff-level approval. If any windows are deteriorated beyond repair, replacements should match the originals in in size, design, and materials, with specifications submitted to staff. Final specifications for roof replacement materials (not specified in application) should be sent to staff for approval.

3. The proposed storm windows meet the design guidelines, which recommend wood or color clad metal, and should be installed so that the meeting rail duplicates the original window and they do not damage or obscure the original window or frames.

4. The front porch supports are temporary and appropriate for removal. Construction of the new porch supports draws on evidence from paint ghosts on the porch beam, and the two remaining half columns on the left corner and right corner of the porch. Replication of the original column design and repair to the unique dentiled cornice will restore the porch to its original state. The small wrought iron handrail will have a minimal impact on the overall house.

5. On the left side, removal of the secondary door is appropriate as it was most likely a later modification, is not a character-defining feature of the house, and does not access a porch or deck.

6. On the side gable fields, increasing the existing window openings by 6" in height is a minimal change. The fenestrations are existing and an additional 6" in height will not make the new windows disproportionate to the house. The proposed new casement windows will be built to match similar casements on the house (drawing on original windows found in the attic). Final specifications should be submitted to staff for approval.

7. The chimney is minimal in size, not visible from Scott Ave. or McMillan Street, and does not contribute to the overall character of the house. In this instance, removal of the rear chimney is appropriate.

8. Reconstruction of the rear addition with a footprint, materials, and roof pitch to match the existing is appropriate. The aim to retain and reuse as many original features (such as windows) as possible is ideal. If rear elevation windows cannot be salvaged, specifications should be submitted to staff for approval.

9. The rear addition is proposed for the rear of the house, with the lower-level garage to connect to a basement elevation with no major character-defining features. The garage and deck addition are proportionate to the historic house and use compatible materials. The addition will be differentiated from the original house by a small offset; the modest flat-roof covering the deck will also serve to differentiate the addition. Final selection for garage doors should be submitted to staff for approval.

10. The new wood double casement window proposed for the rear gable field is proportionate to the gable field, with a design that matches original casement windows on the house. The new window would not be visible from the street.

Location Knoxville
204 E. Scott Ave. 37917

Sara Martin Open Door Architecture

Jade Kloss