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Level II. Construction of addition or outbuilding
Accessory structure

Level I work: demolition of a non-historic garage. Front-gable roof garage has received several exterior modifications, including vinyl siding and modified doors, and is non-contributing to the Fairmont Park NC overlay. Level II work: construction of a new accessory structure. Shed will be 14' long by 16' wide, with a front-gable roof clad in asphalt shingles and an exterior of fiber cement board lap siding. Shed will be placed 8' from interior property line and 14' from rear property line. Shed will feature two one-over-one, double-hung vinyl windows on front and two on the right side, and repurpose a salvaged Craftsman-style door for entry.

Site Info
Craftsman, c.1927

One-story frame residence with replacement asbestos shingle siding. Replacement windows. Front telescoping gable roof with knee braces and vents altered, asphalt shingle covering. Brick foundation. One-story, two-thirds front porch. Interior rear central brick chimney.

1. 1943 Emoriland Boulevard is a contributing resource to the Fairmont Park NC Overlay. 2. The accessory building is proposed to be placed behind the primary building, 14' from the rear property line and 8' from the left side (interior) property line. The shed will be obscured by an existing 8' tall fence and the house. Placement of the shed is appropriate. The shed will be very minimally visible from the public right-of-way. 3. The 16' wide x 14' deep, 12' tall rectangular shed with a front-gable roof is a suitable form and massing for an accessory building. The asphalt-shingle roof will have a 1' eave overhang on the side elevations. An eave overhang on the front and rear sides would add depth to the elevation most visible from the public right-of-way. 4. Guidelines note that board and batten, and materials noted on the matrix, can be used on accessory buildings. Recommended materials for an accessory building associated with a Craftsman-style main house are "cobblestone, brick, stone veneer, stucco, weatherboard, [or] wood shingle." The applicant has proposed fiber cement board lap siding with a 6.25" exposure. Smooth-finished fiber cement board siding has been approved on new secondary structures structures in other local overlays, such as Old North Knoxville and Fourth and Gill. Smooth-finished fiber cement board has been approved on one new construction house, and one addition, within the Fairmont Park NC overlay. Fiber cement board has been noted to sufficiently reflect wood clapboard siding, if it has a smooth finish and is painted. 5. The one-over-one windows and repurposed Craftsman door meet the design guidelines for an accessory structure.

Staff Recommendation
Construction of accessory structure

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the following conditions: 1) fiber cement board siding be smooth-finished; 2) eave overhangs extend across front and rear elevations.

Level II

Fairmont-Emoriland NC-1
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