Historic Zoning Commission

Edgewood-Park City H: Level II


Staff Recommendation
Exterior rehabilitation

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the following conditions: 1) select a rear (secondary) entrance door that meets the design guidelines and submit to staff for approval; 2) modify installed cornerboards to reflect the design of historic wood cornerboards; 3) submit a final drawing to staff of wood window trim, showing dimensions and design for proposed installation; 4) if any additional porch elements are to be modified, further information should be submitted to staff/the HZC.

Applicant Request

Doors; Porch; Roofing; Siding

After-the fact review of door replacement: existing doors replaced with six-panel, vinyl or fiberglass doors. Applicant has submitted a half-light wood door as a proposed replacement for front door.

Modifications to front and rear porch. Rear porch received wood decking. Rear porch will also receive wood beadboard ceiling. Front porch roof will also receive wood beadboard ceiling element.

Installation of wood window trim.

After-the-fact review of installation of wood fascia and soffits. Other areas, such as rear porch, to receive new wood fascia and soffits.

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage

One-and-one-half-story residence with a hipped roof with projecting front gable clad in asphalt shingle, an exterior of vinyl siding, and a stuccoed foundation.

1. 2322 Jefferson Avenue is a contributing resource to the Park City National Register Historic District and the local overlay.

2. The doors installed on the house at present do not meet the design guidelines. The submitted half-light wood door is compatible with the historic character of the building and appropriate within the guidelines. A secondary entry door that meets the design guidelines should be selected ("compatible with the originals in size, scale, and materials").

3. The proposed wood beadboard ceiling for the front and rear porch meets the design guidelines for porch elements. If further repair to the front porch columns or railing is intended, the applicant should submit additional information to staff or the HZC.

4. A COA was issued 2/19/2021 for new wood siding with a 4" to 5" exposure. The applicant proposed removing non-historic vinyl siding and installing new wood siding, stating there was not intact wood siding underneath. A City Plans Review building inspector visited the site and verified fire damage on several sections of siding. The applicant did not patch in, but covered the existing siding. This has resulted in trim elements being incorrectly installed, with cornerboards and existing window trim flush with wood siding boards. The applicant should install wood window trim that reflects trim on comparable houses (like the two adjacent properties), and submit a drawing with dimensions and design to staff. Cornerboards should be modified to reflect the design of historic wood cornerboards.

Location Knoxville
2322 Jefferson Ave.

Liberty Holdings Management, LLC

Liberty Holdings Management, LLC