Historic Zoning Commission
Updates for 8-G-20-HZ


Level I. Installation of signage

Installation of a multi-tenant monument sign on new construction, multi-tenant commercial property located south of Knollwood Mansion. Sign will be placed on the southwest corner of the property, north of Kingston Pike. Sign will be set back 15' from the access road and 10' from the property line fronting Kingston Pike. Sign will be 16'-1" tall and 8'-6" wide and 20" deep max, featuring a brick base, aluminum caps, and space for seven tenant panel. Letters will be acrylic push-thru, internally illuminated.

Level I

Knollwood Mansion Individual H Landmark
Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
Email: lindsay.crockett@knoxplanning.org
Location Knoxville
6461 Kingston Pk. 37919
John Harris Design Team Sign Company
D&G Development Group

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