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Updates for 9-D-20-HZ

Staff Recommendation
Installation of canopy

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the condition that the design be modified to include no more than four tieback rods.

Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements


Awning or canopy

Proposed flat aluminum canopy to project from storefront. Canopy will be 23'-4" wide by 10' deep, with the bottom of the canopy located 10'-2" above the sidewalk. The canopy will feature an 11" flat valance and be fixed to the building faҫade by 2" diameter tieback rods and 6" x 6" square escutcheon plates. The existing lights on the brick pilasters will be removed. Canopy will be powder coated and a "Roman bronze matte" color, which is a dark brown.

Site Info
Italianate Commercial, c.1885.

Two-story brick, two-bay building. Arched second-story windows, corbelled arched window hoods, corbelled brick cornice. Storefront of #24 altered c.1985, while #22 retains much original material.

1. The building is a contributing structure to the Market Square National Register Historic District and local historic overlay. 2. The Market Square design guidelines do not specifically address canopies, but do make recommendations for awnings. Guidance for awnings recommend that they are placed above the display windows and below the storefront cornice or sign panel, and shall reinforce the frame of the storefront without covering window sills, cornice, or piers. Following these guidelines, placement of the canopy is appropriate. 3. Traditional awnings in Market Square were usually canvas, with a sloped surface. However, flat metal canopies have been approved in Market Square on a case-by-case basis. In May 2019, the canopy was approved at 2 Market Square (5-D-19-HZ), noting that the storefront at 2 Market Square has already been substantially modified and the width of the canopy tie rods or anchors should not exceed those at 15 Market Square (Not Watson's). The canopy at 15 Market Square was approved in May 2014; the Commission's discussion focused on other flat canopies on historic buildings in downtown Knoxville, and members of the Commission noted that flat metal canopies met the intent of the design guidelines. In the opinion of staff, a flat metal canopy can be appropriate in Market Square if the canopy is placed according to guidelines, is proportionate to the storefront, does not alter historic features or materials of the building, and could be removed without significant effect on the storefront. 4. As noted in the property description in the design guidelines, 24 Market Square received several alterations, including a reconstructed storefront and modifications to the cornice area (visible in the stretch of deteriorated brick below the second-story windows). 5. The canopy will be relatively simple, with a flat profile measuring 11" tall. The use of a dark brown color will not detract from the historic building. The 10'-2" height of the canopy above the sidewalk level meets the zoning ordinance. 6. The proposal includes six tiebacks to the building, evenly spaced around the faҫade's engaged pilasters. Previous approvals of canopies in Market Square have focused on the significant visual effect of the tieback cables and anchors; also, the attachment of anchors to historic masonry has the most capacity to affect historic materials. The canopy at 15 Market Square only has four tieback rods for a significantly wider canopy. Reducing the number of tieback rods will minimize the visual effect of the canopy and the installation's effect on historic features.

Case Fileposted 9/9/2020

Level II

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