Tennessee Scenic Highway and Parkway

Scenic Highway and Parkway legislation establish a set of regulations for a system of highways with natural scenic beauty and historical significance across the state.

Governor John Sevier Highway (State Route 168) falls entirely within Knox County. Its western terminus is with US Route 129/State Route 115 (Alcoa Highway), and its eastern terminus is with US Route 11E/State Route 9 (Asheville Highway). Portions of John Sevier Highway also fall within the city limits of Knoxville.


Prohibited within 1000' of designated highways

  • Building height is limited to 35' feet

Prohibited within 2000' feet of a designated parkway

  • Advertising signage greater than 100 square feet in size
  • Junkyards

The highway is designated in either the Scenic Highway Act of the 1971 and/or Scenic Parkway (1982) of the Tennessee Code Annotated Scenic Roadways sections (TCA §54-17)

Notes on implementation of the Scenic Highway designation

  • There are exemptions within the legislation, for example, agricultural buildings and silos are exempted from the building height restriction.
  • Incorporated areas are exempted from advertising signage and junkyards regulations
  • All outdoor advertising structures issued a permit prior to April 27, 1982 shall be valid – these structures can be "maintained, repaired, reconstructed or constructed according to the original application" for the permit. (Tenn. Code Ann. §54-17-205)

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Mar 18 | Wednesday
John Sevier Highway Corridor - Steering Committee Meeting
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