Historic Zoning Commission
Updates for 11-G-19-HZ


Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements
Additions; Doors; Porch; Windows; Other: Chimney

- Chimney replacement: reconstruction of chimney on front-gable roofline where historic chimney was removed without the proper permits. Proposed chimney will be constructed from "salvaged brick found on the property or a match thereof" and match original size and height. Proposed chimney is a faux chimney without a fireplace below. - Front porch: proposed installation of turreted porch section projecting from the facade; installation of horizontal porch railing system, comparable to example provided of porch system installed on Grainger Avenue (outside of H-1 overlay). - Replacement of front door: proposed replacement front door is a Craftsman-style design. - Rear addition: proposed for the rear (southeast) elevation, to measure 10' long by 22.5' wide. Existing roofline and pitch to be extended and wood clapboard siding to be continued onto addition. Side and rear elevations of addition to feature one-over-one, double-hung wood windows. - Kitchen window on northeast elevation proposed to be reduced in height by 10"

Site Info
Folk Victorian (c.1910)

One-story frame residence, resting on a brick foundation, clad in weatherboard siding. Cross-gable roof clad in asphalt shingles. One-story, one-bay front porch with square wood columns. Interior brick chimney centered on ridgeline.

1. The house is a contributing structure to the Old North Knoxville H-1 Overlay and National Register Historic District. 2. The chimney was removed without the proper permits or HZC review. While reconstruction may be appropriate, more information is needed on the bricks to be used for reconstruction, and the height and width of the proposed chimney in comparison to the historic chimney. 3. The porch was proposed for enclosure in the July 2019 application for a COA, but removed from the final application due to staff recommendations. No further work on the porch was reviewed by staff or the HZC. More information is needed on the proposed porch construction and railing design. 4. The proposed replacement Craftsman-style door is not appropriate for the style of the house. 5. Placement of the proposed addition at the rear of the house is appropriate. The one-story massing and materials, including wood siding, wood cornerboards, and wood double-hung windows are all appropriate within the guidelines. As proposed, the rear addition would continue the existing roofline and be flush with the existing walls. According to the guidelines, additions should be distinguishable from the historic building; a hyphen or offset of the exterior walls would suffice to distinguish the new construction from the existing house. More information is also needed on the placement and measurements of windows on the addition. 6. Guidelines state that windows "must retain the full height and width of the orignal opening." Evidence has not yet been provided that the window proposed for partial enclosure is not visible from the public right-of-way.

Staff Recommendation
Rear addition; porch modifications; replacement of front door; window modifications

Staff recommends postponement of HZC review until the December meeting, so the applicant may provide more thorough information on the proposed porch work, addition, and chimney reconstruction.

Case Fileposted 11/13/2019

Level II

Old North Knoxville H-1
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