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Changes to Applications

June 7, 2019 | More News

We’ve simplified our applications!

If you have ever applied for a rezoning or plan amendment, requested a street name change, or filled out any of our other forms, you know that finding the appropriate application can sometimes be a challenge. That’s because we’ve been using more than 15 different forms.

In an ongoing effort to improve our processes and customer service, we have redesigned our applications, consolidating more than 15 into just four. The first of these will be launched on Monday, June 10. This application will cover the following request types:

You can find a copy of the application here.

Be on the lookout for more consolidated forms as we continue to simplify the process to better serve our customers. As always, we appreciate constructive feedback on improving our processes and providing excellent customer service. We welcome comments at contact@knoxplanning.org.