Historic Zoning Commission

Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation
Construction of rear porch

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed with the following conditions: 1) retain the northeast cornerboard; 2) step down the porch gable between 8" and 1' below the main gable; 3) provide final siding specifications to staff for approval.

Applicant Request

Additions; Porch

Construction of rear porch addition. Addition will extend from existing front-gable roof massing on the right side of the rear (east) elevation, measuring 16'-9" long and 14' wide. Addition will feature a gable roof with a 12/12 pitch, extending off the existing rear gable roofline, with an asphalt shingle-clad roof and fascia details to match the existing.

Addition will be enclosed with full-length screen windows and wood siding to match the house. The porch features an open gable design enclosed with screen. On the left (south) side of the addition, a new screen door will provide access to the deck.

Left side of rear elevation will feature a rectangular wood deck, measuring 12'-6" wide by 5' deep, with three additional full-length steps surrounding the deck (overall footprint measures 15' wide by 6'-10-3/8" deep). Deck flooring will be 6" wide horizontal wood decking.

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage, c.1910

One-story residence with a hipped roof with lower cross gables, clad in asphalt shingle. House is clad in asbestos shingles and rests on a brick foundation. A recessed porch extends the left half of the faҫade, supported by wood chamfered columns. Replacement windows.

1. 1232 Armstrong Avenue is a contributing resource to the Old North Knoxville National Register Historic District and local historic overlay.

2. The porch addition is proposed for a non-character-defining elevation, to project from an existing gable-roof massing with a previously altered window. The addition will not require removal or alteration of any historic features.

3. The addition will not be visible from the public right-of-way. Placement of the addition is appropriate.

4. The applicant has provided calculations that the rear addition will not exceed the required building coverage or impervious surface coverage for the RN-2 base zoning.

5. The applicant has proposed to extend the existing rear gable for the porch roof, which creates a large massing somewhat disproportionate to the house's rear elevation. Stepping down the porch gable between 8"-1' below the main gable would differentiate the new porch from the historic house and reduce the overall massing of the addition.

6. Guidelines note that the addition should be distinguishable from the historic building, but compatible in massing, materials, size, texture, and scale. Overall, the massing, materials, and details of the addition are appropriate for a new enclosed porch on a non-visible elevation. Retaining the existing cornerboard detail on the house's northeast corner would preserve a historic feature and serve to differentiate the porch addition on the side elevation.

7. The application describes "wide siding to match house" for the small sections of siding (primarily on the north side of the addition). The existing house is asbestos or a similar synthetic siding with a wide exposure. In staff's opinion, both smooth-finished HardiePlank or wood siding would be appropriate, as the scope of work is a new addition, the siding section is very limited in size, and would not not visible from the street.

8. The proposed deck is modest in size and design, uses wood materials appropriate for a historic building, and will not be visible from the street. The deck could be removed without effect on any historic features of the building.

Location Knoxville
1232 Armstrong Ave. 37917

Samuel Evans Samantha LaVoi

Samuel Evans Samantha LaVoi