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Updates for 1-H-20-HZ


Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements
Accessory structure; Deck; Doors; Porch; Shutters; Windows

Main house: - Installation of wood frame pergola with custom steel braces on rear (north) corner of west elevation. Existing wood deck was removed and new wood deck was reconstructed, and extended to wrap around the rear (north) elevation. - Replacement of side (west) elevation door with full-light wood door - Addition of two adjoining nine-light wood-clad windows on left side of west elevation door - All exterior work on main house occurred on section of porch that was enclosed in the 1990s - no alterations to faҫade or historic masonry Carriage house/garage (c.1960): - Removal and replacement of three non-historic garage doors with three new walnut garage doors. Replacement doors are steel with walnut wood cladding and design features an "x" motif, and each door imitates two doors with centrally located handles - Removal of asphalt shingle roof and replacement with standing seam metal roof - Installation of decorative cupola, centrally located on ridgeline - Replacement of second-story windows: two window openings enlarged slightly and replaced with two, six-over-six, double-hung, wood-clad windows; and one window replaced with three adjoining six-light, wood-clad, casement windows - Replacement of non-historic door with two-thirds-light wood door - Installation of shutters. Shutters are operable, match dimensions of the window, and use appropriate hardware

Site Info
East Tennessee Vernacular (c.1823, c.1837)

Two-story, brick masonry residence with a hipped roof clad in asphalt shingles, a common-bond brick exterior a brick foundation, and one interior brick chimney on each side of the faҫade. The faҫade (south) is five bays wide and features six-over-six, double-hung wood windows with flat brick lintels and a centrally located "spirit" door on the second story. A two-story porch is centrally located on the faҫade, reconstructed in the early 2000s to reflect the original design. The original wood door is flanked by four-light wood sidelights and a transom. A two-story, gable-roof addition extends from the rear of the house, constructed in the 1830s-1840s. A shed-roof porch on the north and west elevations was enclosed in the 1990s. Other notable features of the house are original interior wood finishes and an underground springhouse or root cellar on the north elevation. The property also includes a two-story, three-bay garage (c. 1960) and a barn.

1. The wood-frame pergola is located on a non-character-defining elevation of the house and not visible from the public right-of-way on Harvey Road. It connects only to the section of the rear porch enclosed in the 1990s, does not alter any historic masonry, and could be easily removed with no effect on the historic house. The wood materials are appropriate for a pergola structure and compliment the one-story, shed-roof porch on the rear. 2. The doors replaced on the main house are not visible from the public right of way, and are located on the non-historic, enclosed shed-roof porch section. The wood, full-light doors are appropriate for the historic house. 3. The installation of two adjoining, nine-light, wood-clad windows on the west elevation creates a new fenestration in the c.1990 enclosed porch only, and the materials and design of the windows are appropriate for the historic context. 4. Built in approximately 1960, the carriage house/garage is not an original outbuilding, and was considered a non-contributing secondary structure during the 2003 HZ overlay designation. The garage is recessed behind the main house, and minimally visible from the public right-of-way. Thus, alterations to the garage are assessed for their effect on the overall context of the overlay property. 5. The replacement garage doors are suitable for the property's historic context, and an improvement on the c.1960 garage doors that were replaced. 6. The new windows on the garage's second story replaced non-historic vinyl windows with consistently-sized, wood-clad windows with operable wood shutters. The windows and shutters are appropriate for the historic context. The six-light wood door is an appropriate replacement door. 7. The installation of a new standing-seam metal roof and a decorative cupola does not create a false sense of history, as the garage is not a historic structure. The cupola does not detract from the overall historic context of the property and is not visible from the public right-of-way

Staff Recommendation
Exterior rehabilitation work; addition of a pergola on the side elevation; modifications to carriage house/garage

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed.

Case Fileposted 1/9/2020

Level II

Boyd-Harvey House Individual HZ Landmark
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Anne White

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