Historic Zoning Commission
Updates for 9-E-20-HZ

Staff Recommendation
Exterior rehabilitation, construction of deck

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the following conditions: 1) The deck use a balustrade with pickets set into the top and bottom rails 2) Replacement windows be wood instead of vinyl, with final window specifications to be submitted to staff. If the Commission chooses to approve vinyl replacements, specifications with measurements should be submitted to confirm replacements reflect historic windows in exterior muntin depth, width, and profile.

Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements


Deck; Doors; Guttering; Roofing; Siding; Windows

Level I work: replacement of existing asphalt shingle roofing with dimensional asphalt shingles; replacement in-kind of gutters; repair, and replacement in-kind to sections of deteriorated wood lap siding (replacement siding to match existing in dimensions and exposure profile, cornerboards to be retained); replacement in-kind to wood fascia and soffit, with materials and dimensions to match existing; demo and removal of non-historic, rear elevation deck and associated shed roof structure. Level 1 work approved 8/28/2020. Level II Work: Windows: replacement of existing one-over-one and two-over-two, double-hung wood windows with new one-over-one, double-hung wood windows. Window replacements will not involve enclosure or modification to existing fenestrations and exterior wood trim will be retained and repaired as necessary. Wood windows to match specifications for Sierra Pacific brand, all-wood, double-hung replacement windows. Door: replacement of non-historic front door with a salvaged wood door. Proposed replacement door features two vertical panels under a semi-circular, divided half-light. Rear elevation: removal of paired, two-over-two, double-hung windows on the rear elevation and replacement with paired, single-light fiberglass French doors. Deck: proposed French doors will provide access to a new deck. Proposed new deck is 8' wide by 10' deep, centered on the rear elevation. Deck floor will be approximately 68" tall from the ground level. The railing will feature 2"x2" square, 36" tall wood pickets. Balusters to be set into top and bottom rails.

Site Info
Queen Anne with Craftsman Bungalow influence, c.1900

One-story frame residence with a hipped roof with lower projecting gables, clad in asphalt shingles, a wood weatherboard wall covering, and a continuous brick foundation. One-story, one-bay front porch. Double-hung two-over-two replacement windows. One exterior and one interior masonry chimney.

1. 1802 Jefferson Avenue is a contributing resource to the Park City National Register Historic District and the Edgewood-Park City local historic overlay. 2. The applicant is proposing replacement of the existing wood double-hung windows with new vinyl double-hung windows. The existing windows are not original to the house; the single-light picture window on the porch is not a historic feature, and two (horizontal) over two (horizontal) double-hung windows are characteristic of mid-twentieth-century styles. The applicant has documented deterioration on the interior of the windows, including the stiles and rails. The guidelines state replacement windows should be the same "overall size as the originals, with the same pane division, and the same muntin style and exterior depth, width, and profile." Windows are noted as "usually wooden." If the windows are replaced, wood replacements would best allow for the same "muntin style and exterior depth, width, and profile" as historic windows. The Commission has occasionally approved vinyl window replacements in Edgewood-Park City on a case-by-case basis. If the Commission chooses to approve vinyl replacements, specifications with measurements should be submitted to staff to compare the measurements of exterior muntin depth, width, and profile with those of historic wood windows. 3. The existing door on the house is not a historic feature and merits replacement. The proposed replacement door is a salvaged, historic wood door, with an arched half-light window. While the window design is somewhat unique, the size, scale, and materials of the design are appropriate for the historic context. 4. The deck will replace a non-historic deck with a non-contributing shed roof. The proposed deck will be proportionate to the historic house and use materials appropriate for the historic context. The deck will not be visible from the public right-of-way. Placement and design of the rear deck is appropriate. The balusters should be set into the top and bottom rails to better reflect historic porch design. 5. The applicant is proposing replacement of two adjoining 2/2 double-hung windows on the rear elevation with a pair of full-light, fiberglass French doors. This modification will not be visible from the public right-of-way and will not harm any character-defining features on the historic house. Fiberglass doors are appropriate for a new secondary entry on a rear elevation. The full-light doors are compatible with the features of the Queen Anne cottage but are not overly detailed and do not create a false historic appearance.

Case Fileposted 9/9/2020

Level II

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