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MPC Hires Historic Preservation Planner

December 7, 2011 | More News

Kaye Graybeal

After a nationwide search that generated over 100 applications and several candidate interviews, MPC has a new historic preservation planner. Kaye Graybeal, from Wilmington, North Carolina, will be joining MPC staff on January 3rd to oversee the agency's historic preservation planning function.

With a new title, Historic Preservation Officer, Kaye will be MPC's primary staff support to the Knoxville and Knox County Historic Zoning Commissions, and she will be the go-to person for issues dealing with preservation of the community's historic architectural resources. She will work closely with community stakeholder and advocacy groups, as well as city and county building code administration and enforcement staff. Kaye also will collaborate with MPC staff on planning projects that require a perspective on historic preservation.

Kaye worked for the City of Wilmington since 1998, serving in various capacities, including Senior Historic Preservation Planner and, most recently, Director of Development Services. She holds a Master of Science degree from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Department of Design.

Kaye's background in planning with the City of Wilmington will give her a broad base from which to pursue her passion for historic preservation. Welcome aboard, Kaye!

Posted 12-07-2011, written by Buz Johnson