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Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements

Proposed installation of solar panels on the southwest roof slope of the house. Solar panels will be one array of eight panels, two panels wide by four panels long. Panels are proposed to be installed on a low-slope roof on the southwest corner of the house (the house's rear left corner). Panels are approximately 66" long by 39" wide by 1.38" tall and will be attached to the roof via a metal racking. Solar contractor has stated that metal racking will be between 1.3" to 3" tall, depending on the job. At maximum, the panels would project 4.38" above the roof slope. Inverter and meter to be installed adjacent to current utility box near the house's rear entry on the west elevation. Condition approved at 3/19/20 HZC meeting: panels to receive non-reflective coating, if possible, to reduce visibility and sheen from public right-of-way.

Site Info
Queen Anne, c.1900

One story frame with vertical grooved wooden sheet siding (T-111). Hip roof with lower cross gables and asphalt shingle roof covering, diamond shaped attic vents. Two over two double hung replacement windows with one over one double hung tripartite window on gabled pediment on front elevation. One story front porch with replacement wood columns, and one original chamfered wood post on a weatherboarded truncated pier. Interior offset brick chimney. Added exterior side brick chimney filling one side of projecting bay window. Brick foundation. Irregular plan. Chimney on south elevation projecting bay has a cast head of Robert E. Lee on a plaque, in bas relief, facing south.

1. The house is a contributing structure to the Fourth and Gill H Overlay and National Register Historic District. 2. The proposed location for installation is the rear (southwest) corner. The house is uniquely sited with a rear (west) elevation facing Gratz Street and the north elevation facing a parking lot, so most roof slopes on the one-story house can be viewed from the public right-of-way. However, the proposed roof slope for the panels is a rear-facing roof slope, and is not located forward of any roof point fronting the primary street (Deery Street). The rear roof slope to receive the solar panels is approximately 77' away from Gratz Street. It is also a low-slope roof, which is not visible from Deery Street due to a projecting bay and chimney on the south elevation. 3. The panels will be somewhat visible from Gratz Street. The existing roof is currently dark gray asphalt shingles. The proposed panels are black and would benefit aesthetically from an anti-reflective coating to minimize visibility, if possible. 4. The solar panels and racking will be mounted parallel to the roof slope and will project approximately 2-4" inches high above the roof, including the racking system. The utility meter will be installed on the rear (west) elevation of the building, on a non-character-defining elevation of the house. 5. No historic roofing material or features will be altered or removed for installation of the solar panels or associated equipment. No changes to the existing roof or siding of the house will be necessary to support the installation of the panels.

Staff Recommendation
Installation of solar panels

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the condition that the panels receive non-reflective coating (if possible) to minimize visibility from Gratz Street.

Case Fileposted 3/12/2020

Level II

Fourth and Gill H-1
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