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Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements
Architectural feature; Awning or canopy; Deck; Doors; Masonry repair/painting; Windows

Full rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of historic Morton-McCrary building. To include replacement of ground-level infill wall and windows to appear in-kind with existing. New windows at upper level where historic photos show previous openings. Addition of modern canopy and screen wall entrance off Pruett Place. Addition of wood deck at rear of building in place of existing concrete ramp. Repointing and repair of brick walls and concrete structure. Scope of work to include: - Cleaning, repointing, and repair of the existing exterior brick - Installation of energy-compliant windows to replicate the historic steel windows - Installation of windows in historic fenestrations along Pruett Place - Exterior, black, up/down lighting to be installed along north, east, and south elevations, centered on existing brick columns - Repair as necessary to plaster and concrete exterior features, including pilasters, columns, walls, headers/sills, roof coping, and decorative elements North elevation (fronting Pruett Place): - Installation of multi-light new clear tempered insulated storefront windows with applied muntins on first, second, third, fifth, and sixth bays. Third bay will be enlarged to replicate size from historic photos. - New ground-level entrance on third bay. To feature an asymmetrical flat metal canopy, exterior signage, a flush metal panel screen wall on the second story, and a recessed storefront under building cover. East elevation (faҫade, fronting N. Central St.): - Replacement of non-original, first floor, storefront systems with new aluminum storefront systems. First, fourth, and fifth bays to feature single glazed doors topped by transoms. - Non-original garage door on second bay to be replaced by new storefront system to match South elevation: - Existing first-story windows to be replaced with 3' tall, rectangular transom windows - Exterior plaster to be replaced with new EIFS system to match existing plaster - On the recessed section, three new storefront entry systems, featuring glazed doors and transoms, will be installed to provide access to two-story deck. West (rear) elevation: - Removal of existing helical concrete ramp; replacement with a steel and composite wood-framed courtyard deck. Upper and lower levels of deck to be visually connected with landscaping and include installation of covered bike storage at grade. - Secondary egress stair to be installed - Two additional storefront systems to provide access to deck and egress stair

Site Info
20th C. Commercial (c.1921, renovations c.1936)

Two-story commercial structure. Faҫade (east) is five bays wide, featuring metal frame storefornt windows on the first story and multi-light industrial windows on the second story. Bays are divided by engaged brick pilatsers topped by concrete coping. Decorative brick and concrete detailing is centered above each bay. A parapet topped by concrete coping extends the full length of the faҫade. The south elevation features a metal helical ramp, an exterior brick chimney, and multi-light metal windows. Rear (west elevation) includes two large massings, with the leftmost massing projecting further towards the southwest. The north elevation features exposed concrete siding, with brick veneer on the second story, and a series of multi-light metal windows of various sizes on the first story.

1. Repair and repointing of the historic masonry, and repair as necessary to exterior plaster and concrete features, meets the SOI Standards for Rehabilitation. Replacement of the deteriorating plaster on the south and west elevations with EIFS to match the existing plaster in color and texture is appropriate. 2. The proposed replacement storefront systems on the north and east elevations utilize a design and materials more consistent with the historic fabric than the existing. Installation of additional storefront systems on the south and west elevations are located on less prominent elevations, necessary to provide access to the deck and egress stairs, and do not alter any character-defining historic features. 3. The installation of a new entrance along Pruett Place does not alter any original character-defining features or materials. The second-story metal panel screen wall, flat metal canopy, and recessed storefront are adequately differentiated from the historic fabric via materials that are unique but compatible with the structure. 4. The installation of new windows on the north elevation (fronting Pruett Place) replicates the fenestrations from historic photographs and the proposed windows feature a design and materials appropriate for the historic fabric. 5. The rectangular transom windows proposed for the south elevation are appropriately proportioned and compatible with the historic features of the overall building. The south and west elevations will be minimally visible from the public right-of-way. 5. While removal of the concrete helical ramp constitutes a substantial loss of a unique historic feature, the ramp has deteriorated to the extent that the cost of repair/reconstruction would negatively impact the overall rehabilitation work on the building as a whole. The applicant and staff have documented the ramp via photographs to mitigate the feature's loss. 6. The proposed two-story steel and wood deck is located on a secondary elevation, utilizes a minimal design with complementary materials, and does not detract from the overall historic integrity of the structure. The steel egress stair is also compatible with the historic fabric. Both of these elements could be removed without impairing the essential form of the building.

Staff Recommendation
Full exterior rehabilitation

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed.

Case Fileposted 11/13/2019

Level II

Morton McCrary Motors H-1 Individual Landmark
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