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Level II. Construction of addition or outbuilding
Deck; Windows

Level I work: removal of non-historic (c.1990s) aluminum windows on c.1995 sunroom addition and replacement with multi-light wood casement windows; mult-light French doors, one wood awning window; and one multi-light clad French door on east elevation. (Level I work approved 6/12/2020) Level II work: Construction of rear deck. Deck will be 20' wide by 15'-8" long and extend from existing rear sunroom. The deck will rest on 8" by x 8" timber columns and extend 8.43 feet from the ground level to the top of the porch floor. On the rear elevation, the timbers will feature decorative wood latticework. The deck will feature 6" x 6" wood posts with decorative tops and a wire railing. Deck flooring will be ipe wood decking.

Site Info
Tudor Revival, c. 1922

Two-story residence with a side-gable, slate roof with a front-gable roof massing projecting from the faҫade. Exterior is clad in East Tennessee marble in a random-course, ashlar pattern. House features two stone chimneys, arched transoms above entrances, and original wood casement windows.

1. The McIntire-Rouleau House is an individual H landmark and a contributing resource to the Kingston Pike National Register Historic District. 2. The deck will be placed on the rear elevation, not visible from the public right-of-way, and will extend from a non-historic sunroom addition. The deck could be removed without effect on the historic house. Placement of the deck is appropriate. 3. The overall height and scale of the deck is proportionate to the existing house. 4. 8x8 timber posts as supports, and the wood posts on the guard rail, are appropriate materials for the house. While the wire railing is not typical for a historic structure, the deck will not be visible from the street, and wire railing will compliment the black-painted wood casement windows and trim. Detailing on the railing's posts and the rear elevation columns is not overly elaborate and compliments the house's Tudor Revival style.

Staff Recommendation
Construction of rear deck

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed.

Level II

McIntire-Rouleau House Individual H Landmark
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Bryan Davis

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