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A Report on the Knox County Stormwater Ordinance and Related Development Review Procedures

July 27, 2011 | More News

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On October 26, 2009, Knox County Commission passed a resolution calling for review of the county's stormwater ordinance and related procedures dealing with land development activities in Knox County.

A working committee, which was comprised of interested citizens, Knox County stormwater and law department staff, developers, engineers, and others involved in addressing stormwater issues, met almost on a monthly basis to identify and discuss key issues pertaining to stormwater management and regulations. The committee prepared a Report of Recommendations to address those issues and provide a course of action for making changes to the stormwater ordinance and development review procedures.

The Report's primary recommendations are summarized:

If established, the Stormwater Advisory Board can oversee the process for implementing any of the other nine recommendations listed, in addition to addressing other issues that may arise.

The Report of Recommendations will be presented to Knox County Commission at their August monthly meeting.

Contact Buz Johnson at 215-2500 for more information about the committee's work and the next steps in the process.

Posted 07-27-2011, written by Buz Johnson