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Updates for 3-I-20-HZ


Level II. Major repair or replacement of materials or architectural elements
Awning or canopy

Installation of two awnings above storefronts facing Union Avenue (325 Union Avenue and 327 Union Avenue). Awnings will be sloped, black canvas and installed via Z-mounting brackets with masonry anchors. Left awning will be 26'-8" long, 2' tall at tallest point, and 4' deep at the widest point. The lower edge of the awning will be 9' above the sidewalk. Signage text on the awning will read "Coffee & Chocolate." The hanging sign will be removed. Right awning will be 35'-2.75" long, 2' tall at the tallest point, and 4' deep at the widest point. The lower edge of the awning will be 9' above the sidewalk. Sidewalks are approximately 11' wide so the 4' awning does not exceed more than two-thirds the width of the sidewalk.

Site Info
Vernacular Commercial, c.1935

Two story, three bay, brick building with modern single pane windows on front facade, chamfered corner. Two story Italianate Commercial rear portion with access from Union Avenue, arched brick corbelled windows, corbelled cornice, and a c. 1950 storefront with recessed entry.

1. 2 Market Square, including the building's elevation along Union Avenue (325 Union Avenue), is a contributing resource to the Market Square H overlay and the National Register Historic District. 2. The storefronts of 325 Union Avenue have been substantially modified from the original. There are no decorative cornices above either storefront. The awnings will not obscure any significant architectural element along the building's elevation, and will be installed above the display windows. As proposed, the awning over Coffee & Chocolate would touch the awning proposed for the next storefront. The Coffee & Chocolate awning should be installed only within the storefront opening. The placement of the rightmost awning is appropriate. 3. The 9' installation height and 4' projection of the awning meet the Market Square H design guidelines. The size and scale of the awnings are appropriate for the building. 4. The sloped canvas awning reflects historic awning designs in Market Square. Canvas is an appropriate material for awnings on historic buildings.

Staff Recommendation
Installation of awnings

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the following conditions: 1) the awning on 327 Union Ave (Coffee & Chocolate) terminate on the inside of the brick pilaster dividing the two storefronts (at the right end of the storefront window) 2) all efforts be taken to install the brackets into the mortar joints instead of directly into the brick.

Case Fileposted 3/12/2020

Level II

Market Square H-1
Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
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Email: lindsay.crockett@knoxplanning.org
Location Knoxville
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Janelle Godeaux
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