Historic Zoning Commission

Fairmont-Emoriland NC: Level II


Staff Recommendation
Construction of rear porch

Staff recommends approval of the porch addition, including the installation of two new multi-light French doors, providing for discussion and conclusion between the Commission and applicant on the porch gable detail.

Site Info

Minimal Traditional with Colonial Revival influences, c.1939

One story frame with brick veneer wall covering. Side gable roof with asphalt shingle roof covering. Six over six double hung windows. Entablature at front entry with unroofed stoop. Exterior end brick chimney. Brick foundation. Rectangular plan.

1. 2057 Emoriland Blvd. is a contributing resource to the Fairmont-Emoriland NC overlay.

2. Placement of a small porch on the rear elevation is appropriate. The proposed porch meets the side and rear setback guidelines of the base zoning and does not exceed the overall lot coverage on the property. The house is located on a corner lot, so the porch will be visible from the public right-of-way, especially on Clearview Street.

3. The primary residence is a Colonial Revival-influenced Minimal Traditional, with a simple brick masonry exterior, double-hung wood windows, and a wood-sided rear gable. The porch uses a simple design and materials that are complimentary to the primary residence. The 7/12 porch roof is compatible with the house.

4. The porch will be accessible via two new multi-light French doors. Installation of these doors does not have a detrimental effect on any historic features.

5. At the December 2020 Historic Zoning Commission meeting, the application was approved with the condition that the porch gable be enclosed with siding to match the rear elevation's gable field (instead of the open gable detail as submitted). This condition was added based on the prominent location of the porch, and the guidelines that "the design of additions should be consistent with the character of the main structure" and "cladding materials should duplicate those on the existing house, or as shown on the matrix." The cladding materials listed under Minimal Traditional on the matrix are "brick, stone, weatherboard" with "wood, brick, wrought iron columns" listed as appropriate porch trim.

Location Knoxville
2057 Emoriland Blvd. 37917

Debra Sullivan

Debra Sullivan