Historic Zoning Commission
Updates for 12-B-19-HZ


Level I. Routine repair of siding, fascia, soffit, windows, roof, or other features using materials, design, and dimensions that match original or early features
Doors; Porch; Roofing; Siding; Windows

- Repair to existing wood windows and trim; repair to existing asbestos shingles; replace non-historic door with half-light wood door - Reconstruct porch framing and replace porch flooring in-kind, using wood tongue-and-groove flooring laid perpendicular to the house (to match historic); re-install wood porch columns which were previously removed; repair wood beadboard on porch ceiling and replace patches in-kind - Installation of new asphalt shingle cladding on roof; repair to exposed wood rafter tails as needed; replace louvered wood attic vent in-kind; replace gutters

Level I

Edgewood-Park City H-1
Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
Email: lindsay.crockett@knoxplanning.org
Location Knoxville
2325 Jefferson Ave. 37917
Jeanie Tillman
Jeanie Tillman

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