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Level III. Construction of new primary building
Guttering; Other: New single-family residence

The proposed single-family residence is located at 2301 Jefferson Avenue. The proposed house is 36'-8" wide by 37'-7" long. The house features a 21'-1" floor to roof-peak height. The proposed foundation responds to the lot's topographic towards the rear (northwest), so the stuccoed foundation is proposed at 24" at the front and increases to 72" tall at the rear of the lot. The house has a side-gable roof with an 8/12 pitch, with a shed-roof dormer on the right side of the faҫade roof slope. The dormer will feature a 4/12 pitch roof clad in asphalt shingles. A 23'-5" wide by 6' deep porch is located on the right (east) corner of the house, recessed below the primary side-gable roofline. Two nested front-gable roof massings project from the left half of the faҫade. The house will rest on a stuccoed foundation. The exterior siding is smooth-finished fiber cement board lap siding with a 4" reveal, with fiber cement corner boards. Side gable fields are proposed to be clad in fiber cement board siding with a board-and-batten pattern; a 6" trim board is proposed to separate the board-and-batten gable fields from the lap-sided exterior walls. The side-gable roof will be clad in charcoal gray asphalt dimensional shingles. The porch will feature a poured concrete floor, a painted beadboard porch ceiling, and be supported by tapered wood columns on brick piers. A 10' wide by 10' long deck is proposed for the rear (northwest) elevation). The deck will be pressure-treated wood and feature a square wood balustrade, with balusters set into the top and bottom rails. On the faҫade, a six-light, Craftsman-style door surrounded by 6" trim serves as the primary entry. A nine-light door is proposed for the rear elevation. Faҫade windows are 36" by 60" double-hung, wood-sash windows, with 4" trim. Dormer windows are three adjoining 30" by 30" fixed, single-light windows. The left elevation features two 36" by 60" double-hung, wood-sash windows and one 48" by 18" fixed window. New construction to reflect final elevation and site plan drawings submitted 1/31/2020.

Site Info

Vacant lot (property was a vacant lot during 1997 overlay designation).

1. The proposed residence features side yard setbacks appropriate for a corner lot and reflects the side setbacks of the adjoining corner-lot house at 2119 Jefferson Avenue. The rear setback of 84' is also appropriate. The proposed front setback is 16' from the front property line. The 2300 block of Jefferson Avenue features nine houses and one church, with an average setback from front property lines at 10.2 feet. The adjacent house at 2307 Jefferson Avenue, at 16', is somewhat set back from the remainder of the block. Across Olive Street, 2117 and 2119 Jefferson Avenue reflect setbacks of 11'. A front setback between 11'-14' from the property line would better fit the neighborhood context. 2. The 1.5 story design is respectful of the surrounding context, which features a mix of 1.5 story Craftsman houses, one-story Queen Anne cottages, and several two-story houses. The house's rectangular massing with a recessed corner porch is an appropriate overall form. A bay or other massing on the side elevations (or at minimum, the side elevation fronting Olive Street) would help create a "mix of wall areas" like those found on nearby historic houses; additional complexity on the side elevation is necessary to avoid a "boxlike form." 3. The side-gable roof form with a shed-roof dormer is appropriate for a Craftsman-style house. The 8/12 pitch proposed for the primary roof massing is sufficiently steep for a Craftsman-style house in the neighborhood context. Eave overhangs of at least eight inches are necessary to reflect historic eave patterns. 4. The proposed design features a raised foundation which reflects the topography of the lot. The foundation's change in height from the front to the rear of the house is reflected in the adjacent house at 2119 Jefferson Avenue. The applicant has stated the roof height is 21'-1" plus the foundation. The foundation is described as 24' from the ground on the faҫade elevation and 72' from the ground at the rear elevation; therefore, the house would be 23'-1" tall at the faҫade elevation. 5. The recessed porch is 23'-5" long and 6' deep. While Edgewood-Park City guidelines do not have a specific number for porch depth, comparable historic districts recommend 8' minimum depth for porches. A poured concrete floor and concrete steps are appropriate for new construction on the block, as several houses on the neighboring blocks of Jefferson Avenue feature concrete porch floors. The beadboard ceiling and tapered wood piers on brick columns are consistent in appearance with historic materials. 6. Fiber cement lap siding with a 4" reveal and a smooth finish is an appropriate material for new construction within the district. The applicant is also proposing details of 4" trim to surround windows, corner boards, and a 6" horizontal trim on side elevations to differentiate the gable fields from the main house. The asphalt shingle roof in a charcoal color; one-over-one, double-hung, wood windows; and a stuccoed foundation are appropriate materials within the guidelines. 7. The Craftsman-style house is compatible with the historic houses of Edgewood-Park City. The house is primarily differentiated from older construction by the use of new exterior materials, including fiber cement board siding.

Staff Recommendation
Construction of a new house

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed with the following conditions: 1) window and door trim to be 4" wide, and corner boards and horizontal trim under gable fields to be 6" wide; 2) the porch be revised to be 8' deep, with new design approved by staff; 3) roof eaves must have an overhang of at least 8"; 4) additional architectural elements (such as a bay window, small projecting bay, or chimney) be added to the side elevation fronting Olive Street; and 5) the house's setback from the front property line be reduced to between 11' and 14' to better reflect the streetscape.

Case Fileposted 1/9/2020

Level III

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