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Level II. Construction of addition or outbuilding
Other: Pool

Proposed installation of an above-ground pool and deck. Pool is round and approximately 30' in diameter, with a 52' wall height. The pool would be accompanied by a rectangular wood deck on the southwest side of the pool, approximately 30' long by 16' wide. Deck will receive guardrail and access gate to meet code. Pool is proposed to be located on existing clay-based tennis court, which is currently surrounded by a chain-link fence and heavy vegetation. The pool is proposed to be set approximately 235' feet northwest of Third Drive. 260' northeast of Olive Road, and approximately 140' northeast of the existing house. Applicant to plant vegetation along the right (southeast) side of the existing chain link fence to further reduce visibility from Third Drive.

Site Info
Folk Victorian (c.1867)

Two story frame with aluminum siding wall covering. Side gable roof with asphalt shingle roof covering. Interior offset brick chimney. One story three-quarters front porch with wood columns with sawn wood trim, sawn wood balustrade. Six over six double hung windows. Transom at front entry. Brick foundation. One story rear ell. Irregular plan.

1. 10817 Third Drive is a contributing resource to the Concord Village National Register Historic District and HZ overlay. 2. Concord's design guidelines lack specific recommendations on pools; therefore the above-ground pool and deck will be evaluated as an outbuilding, shed, or other comparable secondary structure. 3. The pool is proposed to be placed on an existing tennis court, located approximately 140' northeast of the existing house, approximately 235' feet northwest of Third Drive, and 260' northeast of Olive Road. The site's topography slopes downward to the southeast, which would further screen the pool from north, northwest, and west viewpoints. The proposed location is screened by trees and other vegetation on three sides, and the existing house and outbuildings would provide a visual barrier from Olive Road. The pool will not be visible from Olive Road and minimally visible from points of Third Drive. Placement of the pool is appropriate. 4. The pool will be 30' in diameter with 52" wall height, and feature plastic-clad steel walls and a wood deck on the southwest elevation. Materials will be minimally visible from the public right-of-way, as they are set over two hundred feet from either street. Installing additional vegetation along the southeast elevation fencing will assist in reducing visibility. 5. The pool does not alter or detract from the architectural integrity of the house or outbuildings, and could be easily removed without effect on the property.

Staff Recommendation
Installation of above-ground pool

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the condition that applicant install additional vegetation along the existing chain-link fence's southeast elevation to provide additional visual screening from Third Drive.

Case Fileposted 5/13/2020

Level II

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Jonathan Abel
Jonathan Abel

Actions from the May 21, 2020 meeting

5-A-20-HZ Approved

5-B-20-HZ Approved

5-C-20-HZ Approved

5-D-20-HZ Approved

5-E-20-HZ Approved

5-G-20-HZ Approved

5-H-20-HZ Approved with Conditions

Construction of retaining walls: construction of concrete retaining walls to run 13'-8" east from existing porch foundation. Retaining walls will form a rectangular shape and be infilled with landscaping as planters. Left (east) side of retaining walls will be adjoined by new stone steps, connecting the basement-level area and street level. Basement door: installation of a wood, three-light Craftsman-style door on the left (east) elevation porch foundation. Porch repair: replacement of deteriorated wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring with new wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring.

5-J-20-HZ Approved

5-K-20-HZ Approved