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Updates for 9-G-20-HZ

Staff Recommendation
Construction of new house

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the condition that a landscaping plan to meet the design guidelines be submitted to staff for approval.

Level III. Construction of new primary building


Other: New house

Proposed new house on a vacant lot. Proposed house will be located 61.7' from the front property line, with a right (north) side setback of 12.7' and a left (south) side setback of 12.4'. The rear setback is 65.8'. The two-story house is rectangular in plan with two one-story, gable-roof extensions, one on each side. The house is 67'-4" wide and 38' deep overall; the central, two-story massing is 43'-4" wide, the left side extension is 16' wide, the right side extension is 8' wide. The house adapts the Colonial Revival and Neoclassical style, with a side-gable roof clad in asphalt shingles, an exterior of brick veneer, and a continuous brick-clad foundation. The roof has an 8/12 pitch. One-story side and rear extensions are clad in HardiePlank fiber cement siding. The faҫade (east) features a two-story, five-bay, symmetrical faҫade, with a centrally located front-gable roof portico supported by Doric-style columns. The portico features a full cornice returns. The portico is centered over a multi-light door flanked by four-light sidelights. Windows are double-hung, six-over-six, true divided light windows with brick sills, brick jack arches, and operable shutters with shutterdogs. Recessed one-story massings feature two double-hung windows on the left side extension, and a secondary entry door on the right side extension. The side elevations (north and south) feature additional double-hung windows with brick sills and brick jack arches on the primary massing, rectangular louvered attic vents. The rear elevation features a projecting, one-story, hipped-roof massing. A one-story, hipped-roof porch projects from the rear elevation (measuring 29'-8" wide), supported by square wood columns with Doric capitals and accessible by multi-light French Doors. A rectangular deck projects an additional 12' from the porch. The porch also serves as a carport; space for two cars is provided under the porch on the rear elevation (the land slopes downward to the rear (west) of the property, accommodating the additional level on the rear).

Site Info

Vacant lot (previous house on the lot demolished in early 2014).

1. The proposed new construction will be located on a vacant lot within the Scenic Drive NC overlay; the previous house on the property was demolished in early 2014. 2. Design guidelines encourage new houses on vacant lots have front setbacks within 5' of the average setback of contributing buildings on the block. The average setback of the block measures approximately 63', so the proposed front setback of 61.7' will adhere to both the neighborhood context and the base zoning. The new house will maintain the faҫade pattern of the historic streetscape. The proposed side setbacks are 12.7 on the right (north) side and 12.4 on the left (south) side, so the house is appropriate centered on the lot. Placement of the new house is appropriate. 3. The proposed house is two stories tall with a rectangular plan. The central two-story massing is 43'-4" wide, with two one-story extensions (measuring 16' wide on the left and 8' wide on the right). An additional basement story is located on the rear of the house, drawing on the topography of the site. The guidelines recommend that no house be over 2.5 stories tall, or 35' tall on the faҫade; the house meets both specifications. Scenic Drive features numerous larger-sized houses, with two-story residences on the same block and across the street. The overall massing and scale of the house is appropriate. 4. The design guidelines encourage drawing inspiration for size and features from one of the contributing design types identified in the document's architectural inventory. The inventory lists ten examples of the Neoclassical style, one Colonial Revival house, and three Georgian Revival houses. All three styles emphasize symmetrical facades, multi-light windows, and centrally-located porches with Classical influences. The style selected for the new house meets the design guidelines. 5. The 8/12 pitched, side-gable roof clad in asphalt shingles is appropriate for the style selected for the house. The two one-story extensions on each side serve as "telescoping gables" identified in the guidelines as a method of roof variations. 6. The continuous brick-clad foundation reflects the average foundation height of other houses on the block; the height is lower on the faҫade and grows taller towards the rear to accommodate the sloped site. 7. The design includes a centrally located, one-story entry portico, featuring full cornice returns, an entablature, and round Doric columns. The portico is proportionate to the house and appropriate for the style. The portico emphasizes the effect of a "formal entry," along with the multi-light door with sidelights. 8. The guidelines recommend high-quality, fixed-grid windows with simulated divided lights. The proposed six-over-six, double-hung windows meet these guidelines, and the window design is appropriate for the selected style. The additional details of brick jack arches, brick sills, and operable shutters add to the effect. 9. The garage door, carport, and parking area are proposed for the rear of the house, and will not be visible from the public right-of-way. The driveway will extend along the north edge of the property and provide parking towards the rear. 10. Materials selected for the building, including brick veneer, asphalt shingles, and HardiePlank lap siding are appropriate for the design of the house and the neighborhood context. 11. The guidelines encourage the preservation of mature trees, and the placement of at least two large, native trees "that will reach at least 50' in maturity," in the rear and front yards (existing trees may be included). Guidelines also encourage at least two ornamental trees in the front and rear yards of each new construction project.

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Level III

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