Historic Zoning Commission
Updates for 12-C-19-HZ


Level I. Routine repair of siding, fascia, soffit, windows, roof, or other features using materials, design, and dimensions that match original or early features

Replacement of five non-historic rear elevation windows (fronting alley) in-kind, with one-over-one, double-hung sash windows to match specifications provided by manufacturer (Kolbe). Windows will be installed in existing opening and match size, style, and muntin profile of existing window and be aluminum-clad wood.

Level I

Market Square H-1
Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
Email: lindsay.crockett@knoxplanning.org
Location Knoxville
31 Market Square 37902
Christina Fehr George Ewart Architects
TVA Credit Union

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