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Level II. Construction of addition or outbuilding
Deck; Porch

Construction of a second-story deck on top of a previously approved, new flat-roof porch. Deck will be accessed from an existing rear dormer, which will receive a new full-light, painted wood door. Deck will be 13'-6" wide by 8' deep, with a 36" tall wood guardrail to match the guardrail on the first floor porch (square wood posts with wood pickets set into the top and bottom rails). Deck floor will be 3/4", pressure-treated wood decking. To support the deck, additional roof framing and two additional columns will be added to the lower porch.

Site Info
Queen Anne Cottage (c.1910)

One-story frame residence with a hipped roof with lower cross gables, clad in asphalt shingles. Exterior is clad in vinyl siding and house rests on a continuous, raised brick foundation. One-story, shed-roof porch extends the right half of the faҫade, supported by turned wood columns. Windows are one-overone, double-hung sash. Interior offset brick chimney. Irregular plan.

1. 610 Caswell Avenue is a contributing resource to the Fourth and Gill National Register Historic District and Historic overlay. 2. The proposed deck would be placed on top of an existing flat roof on a non-historic porch, on the rear elevation. Placement of the proposed deck is appropriate. 3. The applicant has noted the intent of the second-story deck as providing a use for the rear dormer, which is currently disproportionately sized for the rear elevation. 4. Design guidelines note that houses in Fourth and Gill do have two-story porches, with upper-story balconies. This guideline generally refers to faҫade elevation porches, and the second-story rear deck, smaller than the porch below it, is a unique form. However, it is small in size and would not detract from the overall integrity of the house. 5. The deck is not visible from the public right-of-way. The deck could be easily removed without effect on any character-defining features of the house. 6. Materials proposed for the deck include wood pressure-treated decking, a square wood balustrade to match the first-story guardrail, and square wood posts. The second-story deck will require two additional support columns to be installed on the first-story porch, will not alter the overall appearance of the non-historic porch. The necessary additional roof framing will be obscured with wood beadboard ceiling. The proposed materials are appropriate.

Staff Recommendation
Rear deck

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed.

Case Fileposted 5/13/2020

Level II

Fourth and Gill H-1
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Lindsay Crockett
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Nina Reineri
Nina Reineri

Actions from the May 21, 2020 meeting

5-A-20-HZ Approved

5-B-20-HZ Approved

5-C-20-HZ Approved

5-D-20-HZ Approved

5-E-20-HZ Approved

5-G-20-HZ Approved

5-H-20-HZ Approved with Conditions

Construction of retaining walls: construction of concrete retaining walls to run 13'-8" east from existing porch foundation. Retaining walls will form a rectangular shape and be infilled with landscaping as planters. Left (east) side of retaining walls will be adjoined by new stone steps, connecting the basement-level area and street level. Basement door: installation of a wood, three-light Craftsman-style door on the left (east) elevation porch foundation. Porch repair: replacement of deteriorated wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring with new wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring.

5-J-20-HZ Approved

5-K-20-HZ Approved