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Updates for 2-A-20-HZ


Level II. Construction of addition or outbuilding

Construction of an addition connecting the southwest elevation of the Tennessee Theatre's auditorium space with the rear (northeast) elevation of 612 S. Gay Street. The six-story addition will serve to connect the two buildings and provide egress and stair access. The addition will connect to the Theatre exterior via expansion joints at floors two and three. Two new openings will be created in the masonry on the auditorium's southwest elevation on floors two and three. These openings will allow for two sets of double doors providing access ot the stairwell. The addition will have a flat roof with a parapet wall, an exterior of corrugated metal siding, and a narrow, insulated translucent wall panel extending the length of the addition adjacent to the Theatre wall. The addition will be minimally visible from the public right-of-way. Addition's design to match drawings submitted 2/3/2020 and/or 2/19/2020.

Site Info
Renaissance Revival, c.1908 & c.1928

The Burwell Building and the Tennessee Theatre form a building complex, with the construction date of the Burwell (1907-1908) preceding the Tennessee Theatre (1928) by approximately twenty years. The Burwell Building is a Renaissance Revival-style, ten-story plus mezzanine and basement, office building. The Gay Street faҫade (west elevation) is seven bays wide, with the additional four bays added in 1928 with the construction of the Tennessee Theatre. A large auditorium section fronts Clinch Avenue and State Street.

1. Constructed to serve as a stairwell and method of access between 612 S. Gay Street and the Tennessee Theatre, the addition is proposed to be placed in a narrow open space between the rear (northeast) elevation of 612 S. Gay Street and the southwest elevation of the Theatre's auditorium space. The proposed addition will not be visible from Gay Street or Clinch Avenue; the placement of the stairwell addition is appropriate. 2. By necessity, the addition is narrow in massing and scaled to match the heights of 612 S. Gay Street and the Tennessee Theatre. While the addition is one story taller than the Theatre's auditorium, the addition's height reflects the rear elevation of 612 S. Gay Street. Overall, the addition is subordinate in size to both the Tennessee Theatre and 612 S. Gay Street. The height, scale, and massing of the stairwell addition are appropriate for the historic structure. 3. The proposed addition will be clad in a corrugated metal panel, with an insulated translucent wall panel between the addition and the Tennessee Theatre's southwest wall. The proposed materials serve to differentiate the addition from the historic building. The addition will not be visible from the public right-of-way. The addition's materials and design will not detract from the Theatre's historic integrity. 4. The addition will connect to a hidden, non-character-defining elevation of the Tennessee Theatre, which is currently a brick wall with one basement-access door. The addition will only be structurally tied to the Tennessee Theatre at the highest level, at the parapet wall. Two new fenestrations will be created on the Theatre's southwest elevation, to provide access at the second and third stories. The proposed addition will not affect any character-defining features of the Tennessee Theatre.

Staff Recommendation
Construction of addition to connect auditorium to 612 S. Gay Street

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed.

Case Fileposted 2/12/2020

Level II

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Actions from the February meeting

2-A-20-HZ Approved

12-F-19-HZ Approved as Modified

UPDATED for February 20, 2020 meeting: Construction of a new residence at 1610 Forest Avenue. Proposed house is approximately 64' long and 25' wide, with an 9'-8" deep by 11'-2" wide porch projecting slightly from the northeast corner of the house (faҫade). The one-and-one-half-story house will feature a hipped roof with gable-roof massings toward the sides and rear. The house will rest on a concrete masonry unit, clad in stucco. Exterior siding will be HardiePlank siding. The roof will be clad in asphalt shingles. Side gable fields will be clad in diamond-shaped Hardie shingle siding. A hipped-roof porch will project from the northeast corner of the house. The porch will be supported by turned wood posts and feature wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring and a stained wood porch ceiling. The rear door will be accessed by a single wood step up to the back door. First floor windows will be 36" wide by 72" long, one-over-one, double-hung vinyl windows. Egress windows on the south, east, and west elevation gable fields will be 36" by 42" casement windows. A 24" by 24" casement window is proposed for the front (north) gable field. New house to meet measurements and details in site plan and elevation drawings approved at 2/20/2020 HZC meeting.