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Level II. Construction of addition or outbuilding
Additions; Siding

Removal of existing aluminum siding; repair (and patching when necessary) of wood clapboard siding underneath. Repair to existing shed-roof dormer and window on rear elevation. Chimney removal: applicant proposes removal of the left (south) side chimney due to deterioration of flashing, mortar, and bricks. Rear addition: removal of non-historic, rear, shed-roof screened-in porch. Rear addition to be constructed on existing CMU foundation and will not expand the footprint of the existing porch. Addition will measure 24'-1" long by 12'-2" deep and be clad in 1x6 atlantic white cedar wood vertical siding, which will be stained. The addition will be 10'-10" tall, with the top of the roof aligning with the existing roof fascia. Foundation will receive new parge coat. Addition is proposed to have a flat roof with new metal coping along the roofline, and new metal coping along an existing roof on the south elevation. South (side) elevation to feature a single-light wood casement window. North (side) elevation to receive two adjoining wood casement windows. Rear (west) elevation to feature aluminum-clad sliding patio doors with cedar carriage doors on each side (hinged to swing closed over patio door), one rectangular wood awning window, and a pressure-treated wood stoop.

Site Info
Queen Anne Cottage, c.1915

One-story residence with a hipped roof with lower projecting gables, clad in asphalt shingles, an exterior of aluminum siding, and a brick foundation. A hipped-roof porch extends two-thirds of the faҫade (east) supported by metal posts. A portion of the front porch has been enclosed. Replacement windows.

1. Due to changes in exterior materials, 1111 Eleanor is listed as non-contributing to the National Register Historic District. However, the overall form of the historic house is retained. 2. Removal of the aluminum siding and repair of the existing wood siding underneath, along with repair to the shed-roof dormer and window, is appropriate. 3. Guidelines encourage repairing or replacing unique roof details such as chimneys. The two symmetrical masonry chimneys are character-defining features of the house and should be retained. 4. Removal of the non-historic, shed-roof, screened-in porch on the rear elevation is appropriate. 5. The addition is proposed for the rear elevation of the house, and will utilize the existing foundation for the screened-in porch. The placement of the addition is appropriate. Due to the house's placement on an interior lot, the addition will be very minimally visible from the public right-of-way. 6. The addition will not expand the overall footprint of the house. At 10'-10" tall with a flat roof, the addition is significantly lower in profile than the tall, steeply-pitched hipped roof on the existing house. The overall size, scale, and mass of the addition meets the design guidelines. 7. The new work is contemporary in design, exhibiting a flat roof. The roofline serves to differentiate the addition from the historic building. The use of a vertical wood siding and wood windows connect the materials of the addition with those of the historic house. The side elevation windows are placed to align with the existing side elevation windows, and the top of the addition will align with the existing roof fascia, providing a visual consistency. The rear addition will not detract from the historic house's overall integrity.

Staff Recommendation
Rear addition

Staff recommends approval of the work as proposed, with the condition that the chimney be retained and repaired to meet the design guidelines.

Level II

Fourth and Gill H-1
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