Edgewood-Park City H-1 Expansion Proposal

In March 2016, Knoxville City Council requested that the Planning Commission consider an expansion of Edgewood-Park City H-1 overlay to include areas within Park City National Register Historic District.

Update on City Council Consideration

Since City Council rules require action on an agenda item within 120 days, no action can be taken on the H-1 expansion and revised design guidelines at Council's May 22nd meeting.

Further consideration of the H-1 expansion or revised design guidelines will require a new proposal and recommendations from HZC and the Planning Commission before City Council would hear the item again.

Demolition Permit Moratorium

By operation of the zoning code, the property within the proposed expansion is currently subject to a 180-day moratorium on the issuance of demolition permits. By Ordinance O-236-2017, the Knoxville City Council voted to enact an additional 150-day moratorium on the issuance of demolition permits within the proposed overlay expansion area; this moratorium extends the prohibition on the issuance of demolition permits in the proposed expansion area until July 1, 2018.

By the Numbers

Number of Parcels

  • Expansion522
  • Existing H1189

Buildings (expansion)

  • Contributing340
  • Non-Contr.110

Land Use (expansion)

  • Residential437
  • Non-residential13
  • Vacant lots61
  • Park space11

District Maps

Proposed District Boundaries

Housing Style

Contributing and Non-contributing Structures

Proposed District Boundaries

The existing Edgewood/Park City H-1 is shown in pink and the proposed expansion area is show in orange. Toggle the legend at the top, right hand corner of the map to learn more.

Housing Style

Each dot on the map shows the location of a residential building and the color represents the housing style. Toggle the legend at the top, right hand corner of the map to learn more.

Contributing and Non-contributing Structures

Each structure in the expansion area has been identified for its contribution to the historic character of the proposed district expansion. Toggle the legend at the top, right hand corner of the map to learn more.

Demographic and Housing Trends

Total Population

Race Demographics

Home Ownership and Vacancy


The combined population of the existing H-1 area and the proposed H-1 expansion area held steady from 1990-2010 at around 2100 people. Population fell by 376 people over the next decade.


Since 1990, the racial makeup of the Edgewood-Park City community has seen only modest fluctuations, both within the existing H-1 area and the proposed expansion area.


The rate of homeownership within the existing H-1 area rose slightly between 1990-2010, increasing from 38% to 44%. In 2010, homeownership rates were similar for the existing H-1 and proposed expansion areas.

Since 1990, housing vacancy rates have climbed in both the existing and proposed H-1 areas. In 2010, one in five housing units were vacant in the existing H-1 area. One in four housing units were vacant in the proposed H-1 expansion area. Both rising vacancy and declining household size contributed to population declines in the neighborhood from 2000 to 2010.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census of Population and Housing, 1990, 2000, 2010

Meeting Schedule

Nov 7 | Tuesday
Oct 12 | Thursday
Sep 21 | Thursday
Aug 17 | Thursday
Jun 29 | Thursday
Edgewood-Park City Design Guidelines Workshop
Cansler Family YMCA, 616 Jessamine St, Knoxville, TN 37917, USA
6:00 pm workshop