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Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure

Exterior work on the Knoxville Marriott Conversion, including improvements to the World's Fair Park elevation, was reviewed and approved by the DRB on March 20, 2020 (3-A-20-DT). This proposal includes revisions to the previously approved design, including revisions to the World's Fair Park elevation and the coffee shop entry on the west elevation. The World's Fair Park elevation will receive new punched opening windows and new operable garage-style doors at the restaurant (upper) level and the exterior patio (first story). Renderings also show two options for the exterior brick faҫade, which will be painted to the property line. Upon further review with the City of Knoxville and the property owner, the proposed paint may extend to the end of the parapet. The proposal also includes revisions to the previously-approved windows at the east elevation coffee shop. All exterior signage included in the proposal will be submitted to the DRB for review at a later date.

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COMMENTS Revisions to the overall designs are minor in scope and enhance the pedestrian experience along the World's Fair Park elevation and the coffee shop. Enhancements to the World's Fair Park elevation add visual interest and detail to a secondary, but pedestrian-heavy, elevation of the overall complex. APPLICABLE DESIGN GUIDELINES: Downtown Knoxville Design Guidelines SECTION 1.B.4. ARCHITECTURAL CHARACTER Buildings should be visually interesting to invite exploration by pedestrians. A building should express human scale through materials and forms that were seen traditionally. This is important because buildings are experienced at close proximity by the pedestrian. SECTION 2.A. THE BOULEVARD DISTRICT 2. BUILDING CONSIDERATIONS Enhance the architectural harmony of all buildings along the street. 2a. Design building entrances to be clearly oriented to the street. 2b. Encourage building forms that are complimentary to the mass of adjacent buildings. 2c. Design building elevations to compliment the buildings along the side or back streets when buildings are to face more than one street

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Kathryn Greer / McCarty Holsaple McCarty
Roy Ziegler / Rockbridge Hotel Development

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