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Oakwood/Lincoln Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Applicant Request

Additions visible from the primary street

The house is a corner lot and has frontage on Freemason Street and Raleigh Avenue. Both structures are visible from both streets. The reconstruction of the fire-damaged exterior involves replacement and repair in-kind. and will match the remaining, undamaged portions of the structures. The proposed roof connection is in compliance with Infill Housing Design Guidelines, and the reconstruction of the fire-damaged house and garage involve in-kind replacement of exterior wall and roof elements.

Site Info

This application was postponed at the August 2020 Infill Housing Review Committee after discovery that the garage had not received the necessary building permits. Plans Review and Inspections required the applicant to submit engineered drawings and request a building permit for the garage.

The applicant is proposing a new roof connection between the primary structure and the detached garage as part of a reconstruction effort on the property. Both structures are being repaired and reconstructed following a fire on the property. All materials will match the existing parts of the structures that remain undamaged. The exterior walls are being reconstructed in their original location, and no changes are planned for the roof pitch or materials, other than the new connection between the house and garage.

The only change to the exterior of the building is a new roof spanning the space between the detached garage and primary structure, connecting the two buildings at the roof only. The space between the structures will remain as it was before the fire, they will just have a roof overhead. The proposed roof is to prevent water damage to the structures. The primary structure features a hipped roof pitch on the faҫade facing Raleigh Avenue, and that hip roof will continue to attach to the gable roof of the garage. The roof plan shows valleys in the roof that lead the water flow to the gutter system.

1007 Freemason St.

Gary Allen Garret Construction

Kandace Stephenson