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by the Planning Commission
This plan is being submitted under the Optional Concept Plan section of the Planned Development procedures. The Commission will not vote on this project but should provide feedback and comments for the applicant to use in further developing his plan.
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Article 16, Section 16.7 (E) (2) Optional Concept Plan:

Before submitting a formal application for a planned development, the applicant may present a concept plan before the Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission, at his/her option, for the purpose of obtaining information and guidance prior to formal application.

The Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission will review the concept plan, and provide such information and guidance it deems appropriate. Any opinions or advice provided by the Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission is in no way binding with respect to any official action the Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission or City Council may take on the subsequent formal application. The review of the concept plan is not a public hearing. No decision will be made on the application.

The concept plan will be presented at a public meeting. Mailed and posted notice in accordance with Section 15.2 is required for the public meeting at which the concept plan is to be presented.

Chris Fortune

Property Information

600 , 512 & 0 Richmond Ave.

South side of Richmond Ave., east of Richmond Hill and north of Keith Ave.

Council District 3

7 acres

Central City

Land Use Designation? LDR (Low Density Residential)

Currently on the Property

Growth Plan
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