Updates for 5-D-20-TOS



Sign Permit


Signage, Zoning Variance

Reason for Change
Signage, Zoning Variance

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends APPROVAL of the requested Waiver to allow a reduction of the required 20' front yard setback from the right-of-way to 12 ft for the proposed yard sign. Staff is recommending approval of the waiver due to existing site conditions that restrict compliance with this standard. Based on the application and sign plans as revised, the staff recommends APPROVAL of a Certificate of Appropriateness for a Sign Permit for the proposed yard and wall signs, subject to the following condition: 1. Meeting all relevant requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance, as appropriate.

Case Fileposted 5/11/2020
Southern Signs, Inc.
10838 Hardin Valley Rd.

South side of Hardin Valley Road, west of Valley Vista Road and east of Gliding Hawk Ln.

Commission District 6

1.33 acres
Northwest County