Design Review Board
Updates for 5-A-20-DT


Level 1: Sign

Replace existing First Tennessee Plaza wall sign with a First Horizon Plaza wall sign. The new sign will match the old sign in size, material and location. The sign will be 2' tall by 31' wide (62 sqft), non-illuminated, made of aluminum, and located on the east elevation of the parking garage, approximately 36' above the sidewalk grade.

Site Info

There are no records of the existing sign being permitted, so in order to be replaced it has to get permitted as if it is a new sign. The design guidelines do not address wall signs in locations such as this, it only addresses wall sign located above a storefront. For this reason, staff is not able to approve the sign. If there were records of this existing sign being permitted, staff would have been able to approve the proposed replacement. Applicable guidelines: Section 2.B.1. (RECOMMENDED SIGNS) These recommendations for signs in the traditional grid district recognize that certain types of signs are more pedestrian-friendly and should be encouraged within the grid district. GUIDELINES: 1a. Wall signs on sign boards that are above a transom or first story and mounted flush to the building faҫade. 1d. Building name sign and/or building directory.

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 5-A-20-DT as submitted.

Case Fileposted 5/13/2020
800 S. Gay St.
Image 360 West Knoxville
Tennessee Holding LLC

Actions from the May 20, 2020 meeting

5-A-20-DT Approve as requested

APPROVE Certificate 5-A-20-DT as submitted.

5-B-20-DT Approve subject to conditions

APPROVE Certificate 5-B-20-DT subject to the following conditions: 1) All signage must be reviewed and approved by the DRB as a separate application. 2) Approval by the City of Knoxville of any changes to the development agreement.

5-C-20-DT Approve a modification of the application

APPROVE Certificate No. 5-C-20-DT for the Union Avenue sign only and to deny the sign for Gay Street, per staff recommendation.