Updates for 3-A-20-UR



Staff Recommendation

APPROVE the development plan for a curb cut onto Centerpoint Boulevard, subject to 6 conditions:

1. Obtaining approval from the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works for the design and installation of the proposed access to Centerpoint Boulevard. 2. Obtaining approval from The Development Corporation of Knox County for the proposed curb cut. 3. Any further development of this site will require connection to the stub-out driveway from the existing Weigel's Store located directly to the south. 4. Any further development of this site will require a separate use on review approval from the Planning Commission. 5. Obtaining approval from the Tennessee Technology Corridor Development Authority (3-A-20-TOG). 6. Meeting all relevant requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance, as appropriate. With the conditions noted, this plan meets the requirements for approval in the PC zone and the other criteria for approval of a use-on-review.

Weigel's Lovell Road
1405 Lovell Rd.

West side of Lovell Road, north side of Yarnell Road, south side of Centerpoint Boulevard.

Commission District 6

3.01 acres
Northwest County

Land Use O (Office)

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area