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Changes to porches visible from the primary street
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The applicant is requesting to remove the existing awning to improve property aesthetics and to address probable water penetration between the mounting edge of the awning and the split-shake cedar siding on the faҫade surface. The applicant states, "The awning will be removed to repair the underlying structure but would not be reattached as it is near the end of its life and is out of character with the aesthetics of the property." The applicant is also requesting to fill-in three small windows in the kitchen area (rear of the house) to allow needed wall cabinets inside.

Staff Recommendation

The Committee approved the proposed awning removal and window infill as submitted per the following findings: 1. The awning is out of character with the architectural character of the house. 2. The windows proposed for infill are on the rear faҫade.

Case Fileposted 2/4/2020
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