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Updates for 11-E-19-IH


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This is a resubdivision of 069 N F 047 (514 Watauga Ave.). The plat dissolves old lot lines through the middle of these parcels and creates three new buildable lots.

Staff Recommendation

This plat cleans up some issues with the old lot lines. The old lot line on Lot 23 went through the existing house and the old lot line for lot 27 created a remnant on which it would be difficult to build.
The new plat creates lots that are buildable and that are in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.
Plat is in compliance with the subdivision regulations.
Closed contour lines indicate a drainage culvert and are not sinkholes.

Case Fileposted 11/1/2019
Oakwood/Lincoln Park Infill Housing Overlay District
Planning Staff
Michelle Portier
Phone: (865) 215-3821
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Gary Koontz
Gary Koontz

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