Design Review Board
Updates for 11-D-19-DT


Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure

The proposal is a revision to COA 9-C-19-DT and include modifications to the courtyard only. 1) Modify the large planter located on the central axis in the upper terrace into seating around a fire table element. 2) Add a bar at the upper terrace, located below the stairs to the balcony at the rear of the courtyard. These elements have been added to provide more equal amenities for the two future restaurant tenants. See sheets L101 and L14 for the current layout and planting plan. 3) Modify the entry wall adjacent to Jackson Avenue to address the changes in elevation and screen the low interior walls and ramp elements. See plan sheet L200.

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 11-D-19-DT as submitted.

Case Fileposted 11/18/2019
125 E. Jackson Ave.
Meagan Grohol / R2R Studio, LLC
Hatcher Hill NV LLC

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