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This is a resubdivison of parcel numbers 081 LB 004 and 081 LB 005 in the Oakwood Lincoln Park district. The plat dissolves old lot lines through the middle of these parcels.

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This plat removes the old lot lines on both properties and cleans up the side setback issue with the southwest property line of lot 9R.
Lot 9R is in compliance with the lot size and lot width requirements of the zoning ordinance and is in character with the Oakwood/Lincoln Park neighborhood.
Lot 9R1 has a lot width of 63 feet versus the 75 feet that is required in the R-2 zone. However, the lot was previously 50 feet wide, so the plat brings it closer to compliance.
The new lot width and lot size of lot 9R1 is in character with the surrounding lots, as there are several existing lots on this same block with a lot width less than 75 feet and a lot area less than 7,500 square feet.

Case Fileposted 11/1/2019
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