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Level 2: Addition to an existing building/structure

This proposal is to expand the existing rooftop deck by constructing 1,337 sqft of interior space with a bar and seating, and a new 1,294 sqft exterior deck. Only a small portion of the existing rooftop deck and structures will be modified to accommodate the new construction. NEW STRUCTURE (INTERIOR SPACE) Location: The new interior space (structure) is located approximately 42' from the Gay Street (west) elevation, 77' from the rear (east) elevation, and 5'-6" from the Clinch Avenue (south) elevation. Height: The top of the roof is approximately 14'-6" about the top of the parapet wall. The finished floor elevation of the addition (and exterior deck) is approximately 1' below the parapet wall so the top of the roof is approximately 15'-6" above the finshed floor elevation. Materials: The proposed materials will match those used on the existing rooftop deck and additions, including fiber cement board siding and black aluminum storefront. Mechanical: The mechanical equipment for the interior space, such as HVAC, will be located to the rear (north) of the new addition and will sit on top of an existing structure that is lower in height so the unit(s) will be hidden from view. EXTERIOR DECK Location: The new deck will be set back from the back side of the parapet wall approximately 4' from the Gay Street and Clinch Avenue elevations, and approximately 6' from the north elevation. There is a walkway that connects the existing and new exterior decks that is located between the new addition and the parapet wall along the Clinch Avenue (south) elevation. This walkway has gates on either end and is for emergency egress purposes only and not intended to be open for general use by patrons. The handrails that wrap around the exterior deck and the walkway extend approximately 2'-9" above the top of the parapet wall. Height: Approximately 1'-9" above the existing roof. Materials: Steel railing, and IPE wood decking to match the existing rooftop deck.

Site Info

The Hyatt Place hotel (Farragut Building) is within the Gay Street Commercial (National Register) Historic District so the Historic Resources section of the design guidelines do apply. The proposal meets the recommendations of the guidelines by preserving the historic roofline features, using complimentary materials and color, and designing the addition so it is not visible from adjoining streets and sidewalks. Applicable guidelines: Section 1.C.1. (ROOFLINES AND ADDITIONS) Alterations of the rooflines of historic buildings are not appropriate. A one-story rooftop addition, including railings, may be possible on taller buildings if it is inconspicuous from the public right-of-way. Additions should be set back from the primary elevation of the building, and should not damage character-defining features, including parapets and side walls. These walls are often topped by coping stones offering contrasting color or texture, or contain cornices, decorative grills, chimneys, corbelled brickwork and other architectural elements. Rooftop additions are almost never appropriate on buildings less than four stories in height. GUIDELINES: 1a. Preserve or restore historic roofline features, including parapet walls and cornices. 1b. Design rooftop additions to be complementary to the historic building in terms of materials and color. 1c. Avoid construction that maintains only the historic facade. 1d. Do not alter, obscure or destroy significant features of historic resources when constructing additions. 1e. Design rooftop additions so that they are not seen from adjoining streets and sidewalks.

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 11-C-19-DT as submitted.

Case Fileposted 11/13/2019
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