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Level 1: Sign

Installation of a new indentification wall sign that is 14" tall by 144" (12'-0") wide and internally illuminated. The face of the sign is aluminum with routed copy and white acrylic in the copy. The sign identifies the name of the building (Jackson Terminal) and is located near to the top of the west elevation of the building (facing the Gay Street viaduct).

Site Info

This building is located within the Jackson Avenue Warehouse (National Register) Historic District so the Historic Resources section of the guidelines are applicable. The guidelines recommend that signs should be non-illuminated or externally illuminated and that wall signs be located on sign boards. The guidelines also recommend building name signs but do not provide any guidance for location or size. This building has a non-traditional design for downtown with its gabled roof and large overhang on the Jackson Avenue faҫade. It is common for building idenfication signs to be located near the top of a building. Because of the atypical design of the building, the location of the sign may be appropriate. The type of illumination consistent with previous approvals by the board because the background (face) of the sign is made of an opaque material (metal) and the light only passes through the sign copy. Applicable guidelines: Section 2.C.1. (RECOMMENDED SIGNS) -- The Warehouse District The entire Warehouse district is already listed on the National Register of Historic Places and these buildings are also eligible for local overlays. Signs should therefore be governed by historic standards. These recommendations recognize that certain types of signs are dominant in the Warehouse District and should be encouraged in the future. GUIDELINES: 1b. Wall signs on sign boards mounted flush to the building facade 1e. Building name sign and/or building directory

Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 11-A-19-DT as submitted.

Case Fileposted 11/13/2019
205 W. Jackson Ave.
Carl Keaney, Jackson Terminal, LLC
Carl Keaney, Jackson Terminal, LLC

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