Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval of Certificate 10-B-20-DT as proposed.

Applicant Request

Proposed installation of two, non-illuminated wall signs. Both signs consist of flat-cut acrylic letters, painted gold and blind stud mounted to building's exterior walls.

South elevation sign, fronting Main Street, to measure 84" wide by 30.5" tall, and be located to the right of entry, between storefront door and first bay of windows.

West elevation sign, fronting parking areas and State Street, to measure 120" wide by 44" tall and be located on the second story wall surface, on the right side of the elevation.

Site Info

107 W. Main Street is zoned DK-G and subject to the "Grid District" section of the design guidelines. 107 W. Main Street is an outlier in the district, as it was constructed in the mid-1960s and does not follow the typical pattern of development. The building was constructed to accommodate surface parking along each elevation of the building, so it is recessed from the sidewalks. Moreover, the building features a mid-century architectural style that does not include a sign board or transom.

While the guidelines recommend that wall signs be installed on sign boards above a transom or first story and mounted flush to the building faҫade, the proposed placement of the two wall signs is appropriate, considering the midcentury design and unique placement of the building. The proposed placement will make the sign visible to pedestrians along State Street and W. Main Street. The proposed acrylic letters are not illuminated.

107 W. Main St.

Allen Sign Co., Benjamin Booher

Sky Firm Enterprises, LLC