Use On Review


Approved by the Planning Commission
APPROVE the parking lot expansion and relocation of the stormwater pond for Mt. Calvary Baptist Church as identified on the development plan, subject to 5 conditions.
After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the City, appeals will be heard by Knoxville City Council.
What's next?

Applicant Request

Case Notes

1. Meeting all applicable requirements of the City of Knoxville Zoning Ordinance.
2. Provide pavement markings and directional signage for the parking lot addition as required by the Knoxville Department of Engineering
3. Installation of all required landscaping within 6 months of completion of the parking lot improvements.
4. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knoxville Department of Engineering.
5. Obtaining approval and recording a final plat that will consolidate the church property into a single lot.

With the conditions noted above, this request meets all the requirements for approval in the R-1 zone, as well as other criteria for use on review approval.

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

Property Information

1914 Saxton Ave.

North side of Dandridge Ave., southwest end of Saxton Ave.

Council District 6

4 acres

Central City

Land Use Designation? TDR (Traditional Neighborhood Residential)

Currently on the Property

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Inside City Limits)