Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval of 1-B-21-DT as submitted.

Applicant Request

Installation of illuminated projecting sign. Round sign measures 2'-9" in diameter (7.56 square feet if measuring the square outline around the sign), with white neon lettering mounted off the face of the sign cabinet. The sign will hang from the canopy similar to adjacent Union Ave Books sign, and the bottom of the sign will be 11'-0" above the sidewalk level.

Site Info

The Daylight Building is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so the Historic Resources section of the design guidelines applies. Previous reviews of signs below the canopy of the Daylight Building (including the adjacent Union Avenue Books sign, 8-B-11-DT) have encouraged signs to stay within the guidelines' recommendation of 9 square feet to avoid visual clutter under the historic canopy. Union Avenue Books' sign is internally illuminated and measures a total of 9 square feet.

Similar to the adjacent sign for Union Avenue Books, the proposed sign will hang from the underside of the canopy with two metal brackets. The proposed sign is under 9 square feet and limits the internal illumination to white neon lettering which is mounted on the sign cabinet. Conduits and wiring wil be painted black and adjacent to the bracket. The sign will meet City zoning ordinance requirements with the bottom of the sign cabinet 11'-0" above the sidewalk level.

513 Union Ave.

Julie Shelby-Davis/Sycamore Sign Service

Daylight Partners LLC