Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval of Certificate 1-A-21-DT, with the following condition: 1) attach the projecting sign to the storefront through the mortar joints of the terra cotta tiles, or through existing holes, if they exist. Staff may approve an alternative if it is shown that connecting solely through the mortar joints is not possible; however, installation should be completed to damage the tiles as minimally as possible.

Applicant Request

Installation of signage on the rightmost storefront of the Kress Building. Application includes one projecting sign with neon lettering, one neon window sign in the transom, and two vinyl window graphics.

Projecting sign will measure 3'-0" wide by 3'-6" tall (10.5 sq. ft.). The bottom of the sign will be 12'-8" above the sidewalk level. The rectangular sign will feature pink and blue neon illumination on the lettering and underline.

A second neon lettering sign will be centered on the transom above the entryway measuring 4'-10" wide by 1'-2-5/8" tall. The transom measures 5'-10" wide by 1'-6" tall overall. Neon pink lettering will spell out "daiquiris."

Window graphics be identical on the storefront windows flanking the entryway. Vinyl window graphics measure 2'-6-3/8" wide by 3' tall.

Site Info

The Kress Building is a contributing resource to the Gay Street Commercial Historic District, so the Historic Resources section of the design guidelines applies.

The projecting sign is 10.5 square feet, which narrowly exceeds the 9 square feet recommended in the guidelines. Internal illumination has been reviewed and approved by the Board on Gay Street in instances where illumination is limited to push-through letters or individual elements on a sign, and on a case-by-case basis.

The proposed location of the projecting sign on a pilaster between storefront windows meets the design guidelines. Installation of the sign should be completed in a manner that does not harm the historic terracotta tiles on the faҫade; whether installing via the existing joints or using any existing holes which may have been previously drilled. The sign should be installed in a manner that if removed in the future, the individual terracotta tiles are not destroyed or could be replaced in-kind.

The proposed vinyl window graphics do not exceed 30% of the storefront windows. The neon lettering proposed to be installed in the transom will be installed from the interior, and could be easily removed without effect on any historic features of the building.

417 S. Gay St.

Anthony Saffles, Neon Services

Jackson Central Properties, LLC