Ensuring that each residence and place of business in Knox County is systematically assigned a valid, unique address is a big job. It's a task that has grown as the community has grown. This responsibility belongs to the Knoxville Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission.

To obtain a valid address from MPC, you may visit our offices located on the 4th floor of the City County Building at 400 Main Street, or contact the MPC Address Assignment Department by phone (865/215-2507) or by fax (865/215-2237). Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You will need to provide the following information before a valid address can be assigned:

  • Tax Map Number
  • Group Letter
  • Parcel Number

This information is most easily obtained by looking at your property tax receipt.



  • Subdivision Name
  • Lot Number
  • Block Letter
  • Phase/Unit Number

This information is most easily obtained by looking at your property's survey plat or by contacting the Property Assessor at (865) 215-2360 or the Register of Deeds at (865) 215-2330.


Obtaining an address may take anywhere from 15 minutes to several days depending on how many addresses you are requesting and other factors.

You may begin using your new address immediately. If you have questions regarding your zip code or the location of your mail box, please contact the U.S. Postal Service.


Building Permit Application Requires Address Certification

Valid addresses consist of a number and road name. Road names are reviewed and approved as part of the MPC subdivision and development plan review process. Address numbers are obtained after the development plan is approved or the subdivision is recorded.

So how are addresses and building permits linked?

All activities requiring building permits-be it new construction, demolition, or improvements such as remodeling, room additions, or gas line/furnace installation-require address verification. Before a building permit can be issued, the applicant must come to the MPC Address Assignment Department with the property information noted above.

The applicant will be given an address assignment form with the property's address and a certified address stamp.

The applicant must then submit this address certification form to the city or county office where the building permit application was filed. This is the address that will be entered into the computers at E-911, MPC, and the City of Knoxville Inspection Bureau or the Knox County Code Administration Department (depending on where the construction is to occur).

Developers of shopping centers, office buildings, apartment complexes, condominium units, and mobile home parks should be aware that MPC must be contacted to obtain a certified address. MPC must assign an individual address to every store (or unit) within a shopping center, and to each separate residence (unit) within an apartment complex, condominium community, or mobile home park.


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This is not a legal document. It does not replace or amend the existing procedures and regulations governing the address assignment and verification process. Please refer to the Addressing Guidelines and Procedures, as well as the Uniform Street Naming and Addressing System ordinances for both Knoxville and Knox County. For additional information, contact MPC by telephone, (865) 215-2500 or by FAX, (865) 215-2068.