Downtown Design Review Board

The Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building, unless noted otherwise.

Upcoming Meeting

December 18, 2019 at 4:00 pm

What: Downtown Design Review Board
Where: Small Assembly Room, City County Building, 400 West Main Street, Knoxville, TN, 37902

Public Notice of Applications Received

Meeting Date
December 18, 2019

Actions from the November meeting

10-A-19-DT Approve subject to conditions

APPROVE Certificate 10-A-19-DT for the new Market Street entry door and sidelites, and new exterior emergency light on the north elevation. The second floor canopies and illuminated sign must be submitted as a new application with the information outlined on the application checklist.

11-A-19-DT Approve as requested

APPROVE Certificate 11-A-19-DT as submitted.

11-B-19-DT Approve subject to conditions

APPROVE Certificate 11-B-19-DT with the exception of the rear balconies, subject to the following conditions: 1) Repair the existing windows on the upper floors of the Gay Street elevation or replace them in-kind, duplicating design, operation, glass size, profiles and trims. The material of replacement windows may be wood or aluminum clad. 2) Resubmitting the rear balconies under a new application when the design is finalized. 3) Obtaining approval from the City of Knoxville and/or City Council to allow the storefront and entry for upstairs tenants to be located on the Promenade structure. 4) Attaching the canopy support rods to the building through the mortar joints of the stone pilasters. Staff may approve an alternative if it is shown that connecting solely though the mortar joints is not possible, however, this should be done so as to damage the stone as minimally as possible.

11-C-19-DT Approve as requested

APPROVE Certificate 11-C-19-DT as submitted.

11-D-19-DT Approve as requested

APPROVE Certificate 11-D-19-DT as submitted.

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Dec 18 | Wednesday
Jan 15 | Wednesday
Feb 19 | Wednesday
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