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Agency Overview

Knoxville-Knox County Planning (Planning) was established in 1956 by Knoxville and Knox County as the agency responsible for comprehensive county-wide planning and administration of zoning and land subdivision regulations and remains so today, except for the town of Farragut. Funding for Planning activities comes primarily from city and county appropriations and from federal grants for specific studies.

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Boards, Commissions, and Case Updates

Meeting schedules, up-to-date case info, agenda updates, and minutes are available for the following boards and commissions staffed by Knoxville-Knox County Planning.

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City Zoning Ordinance

A comprehensive update to the City of Knoxville's zoning ordinance passed on second reading at Knoxville City Council's August 13, 2019 meeting. The ordinance goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

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Legislative Actions and Appeals Process

The Planning Commission votes on a number of items at its regular meeting. Some recommendations require further action by Knox County Commission or Knoxville City Council. In other cases the decision is final - unless appealed.

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Naming Private Rights-of-way

A private right-of-way (ROW) is a privately-owned access strip that is separate from the lots it serves and can serve an unlimited number of property owners.

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Open Data

Knoxville-Knox County Planning collects data to support its planning efforts in Knoxville and Knox County. This data is not just valuable to our agency, it is valuable to Knox County residents.

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Staff Support

Urban areas like Knoxville and Knox County operate through the interworkings of many groups: profit and nonprofit, government and private, elected and appointed, paid and volunteer. Knoxville-Knox County Planning is a major player among these.

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Use On Review

In addition to uses permitted as a right by the zoning ordinance, special uses may be established and maintained only with the approval of the Planning Commission.

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Zoning Ordinances

On a yearly basis, Planning staff compile a report of their activities and present them to the Planning Commission at their Annual Meeting each October.

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