The Purpose

The C-6 General Commercial Park Zone is intended to:

  • Encourage and provide for the orderly development and clustering of commercial activities
  • Lessen the impact of commercial development on surrounding properties and traffic flow
  • Encourage an orderly and systematic development design for activities, parking, circulation, access, and landscaping
  • Encourage commercial development which is consistent with adopted, long-range, comprehensive plans
  • Allow for mixing of light industrial uses with compatible commercial uses
  • Encourage general commercial activities to locate in areas with access to a major street system


The Process

  1. MPC coordinates the C-6 review process
  2. C-6 development plans are approved by an administrative process involving MPC and City staff
  3. There is no deadline for the submission of C-6 General Commercial Park development plans
  4. Staff will review the C-6 development plan within 10 days
  5. A copy of the staff review and required corrections and additions will be sent directly to the architect/engineer



  • Any decision of MPC may be appealed
  • Appeals must be filed with the City of Knoxville Board of Zoning Appeals Office (Telephone: (865) 215-4244)


Materials that must be submitted for C-6 review:

 Four (4) copies of the development plan. Each copy must contain:

  • Proposed use
  • Existing site topography and features
  • Off-street parking and loading plan (include total paved area and dimensions)
  • Circulation diagram to indicate ingress/egress and the movement of vehicles, goods, and people
  • Species-specific landscape plan
  • Building footprint (include total area of office and/or warehouse space)
  • Architectural elevations
  • Proposed signage
  • Total number of employees
  • Total number of seats, if restaurant
  • Conformance to required building setbacks
  • Any drainage information as required by the City Engineering Department

 A review fee, due when development plan is submitted


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This is not a legal document. It does not replace or amend the existing regulations governing the development process. Development standards for Private Day Nurseries and Kindergartens, when considered as uses permitted on review, are detailed in the City of Knoxville Zoning Ordinance, Article 5, Section 3.G.4. For additional information, contact MPC by telephone, (865) 215-2500 or by FAX, (865) 215-2068.