Your views are important to the Metropolitan Planning Commission, whose goals include involving the public in the planning process.

Before the MPC meeting
There are several ways to comment on an item scheduled to be discussed at the Metropolitan Planning Commission monthly meeting.

  • Letters and Petitions—mail, deliver, or fax written comments to MPC. Be sure to identify which item you are writing about.
  • Photos, Maps, Reports—mail or deliver information to MPC.
  • Phone Calls—all 15 planning commissioners accept phone calls from the public, either at work or home. Call MPC to find out which they prefer and how to reach them.
  • Website, E-mail—Email addresses for MPC Commissioners and staff are available on our website. Emails received before publication of the initial agenda package (the Friday before each meeting) will be published as part of the agenda package. Emails received after that time will be included in supplementary packages for the commissioners and published on the MPC Agenda "Changes and Corrections" page.

At the MPC Meeting
Arrive promptly at 1:30 p.m.—this is when postponements and withdrawals of items are announced. Consent items (marked on the agenda with an asterisk) also are heard at the beginning of the meeting. Consent items are scheduled to be approved as a group. If you object to one of these, say so immediately after the consent agenda is read and the item will then be removed from the consent list and heard separately at its regular place in the appropriate agenda section.

You do not have to sign up to speak at an MPC meeting. The MPC chair will call for public comments after reading the staff recommendation on each item. Persons either in favor or in opposition of a proposal have a total of five minutes per side to make their case. Groups should select a spokesperson, and that person should be sure to recognize the citizens represented there. It's a good idea for the members of a group to stand up at this time. It's also important for a spokesperson to mention any documents or letters previously mailed to the commissioners so this material is made part of the record. Additional material may be submitted at the meeting. Speakers should limit their remarks to the facts of the case and avoid repeating comments already made.

Throughout the Year
MPC staff members hold a variety of meetings throughout the year to gather public input on planning and transportation issues. These meetings usually are held at neighborhood schools, libraries, and churches. Look for notices in the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

MPC Phone Numbers and Addresses
Office: (865) 215-2500

Fax: (865) 215-2068

E-Mail: contact@knoxmpc.org

Suite 403 City County Building,
400 Main Street,
Knoxville, TN 37902


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